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Against single word requests

We've discussed single-word-requests before: Are single word requests always welcomed questions? Are word requests allowed? The consensus of earlier discussions was that these questions are on the ...
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Can anything be done about mean-spirited requests for terminology?

tl;dr: Mean people suck, and we should not help them. EDIT: I don’t actually believe anything mechanical can be done here, and I certainly don’t expect a “closed due to meanness” reason. That’s just ...
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Is the EL&U community overzealous about closing/down-voting questions?

I'm fairly new to the stackexchange network, but I participate quite a bit on stackoverflow. I've used a few others (like this one) for one or two questions. And I have to say, EL&U feels ...
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On Answering Word Requests

I was recently informed by one of our moderators that: We're looking for answers from experts in the field, not experts at Googling. :) "You have to write an actual answer, in your own words. A ...
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Waning gap of acceptable questions

After a couple days of break I revisited EL&U to find about a third of questions on the main page marked [closed]. It appears anything that can be looked up in more or less obscure source (NOT ...
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Editing policy for responses to Questions: should we allow the edit to change the response?

I am aware that we already have this question about editing OP posts, but I would like to raise a similar issue about editing answers to the OP. I recently had a response edited in this thread, where ...
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Repository of polite responses

Several folks have noted that ELU regulars have a predilection towards snobbery and are perceived as generally unwelcoming to new users. I realized today that I'm guilty of this, and I haven't even ...
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“What’s wrong with single word requests?”

In the proposal to merge ELU and ELL, the asker in passing mentioned: On the other hand, many native speakers actually ask questions such as single word requests which should not be the focus of ELU ...
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Three SWRs suddenly closed for being POB

Yes, I am aware that many users including tchrist ♦, and perhaps eight of the nine EL&U mods, really dislike SWRs (Single Word Requests) but for a mod to shut all three questions as Primarily ...
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Redirect for SWRs?

It is a long standing annoyance that SWRs (single word requests), though unusually highly trafficked, the source for rep for many people, and having a few catchy interesting questions, are poorly ...
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Why is suggesting words on word suggestion questions insufficient?

I'm confused by the following notice on my answer to a question which is basically "we do this thing where we promise something; what would you call that?" to which I provided several good words with ...
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Please migrate my (closed) question to Writers.SE

My question, Word (or shorter phrase for) "evaluate the relationship between"?, was closed as "off topic" for this site. I think that it is a good question — it has five upvotes and ...
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Rewriting the Question Box Sidebar

Recently, a user brought up the issue of questions that could seemingly be answered by looking in a dictionary and the responses given to those questions. Andrew Leach posted an answer that had a ...
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Please consider reopening these 3 recently closed questions

What's not clear / POB about the first 2 of these recently closed questions? Q1 is clear enough and Q2 is objective enough (even without my edits) that the reasons for closure have been weakly applied ...
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How can I write good questions?

Please don't direct me to the Help Page. I need guidance that the Help Page doesn't give. I am a native English speaker, and know only basic grammar. I know when something sounds right, I know when ...
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