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"Masters degree" vs. "Master's degree" is not the same question as "Master's degrees" vs. "Masters' degrees"

I would like to request more reopen votes for the following question: Does a person have two “masters’ degrees” or two “master’s degrees”? As described clearly in the question post, it is not ...
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Acquiescing to other Q&A sites

A user asked a question about the phrase dot and carry one. The first comment queried whether the question qualified as general reference and supplied a link to an answer. The link goes to an external ...
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Is "Is having sex a hobby?" on-topic? [Undeleted]

Reason I deleted this question: I didn't want to help the question attract other reopen votes as it was closed right after I posted this question. I was also disappointed at the initial comments as ...
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About Reference Questions

It seems that we must once again clarify what questions should and should not be closed with the close reason: Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. A ...
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Let's reopen this interesting question

Now reopened This apparently simple, question about possessive S has been closed: "The species/species'/species's survival..." However, I think that in this case this was a bit ...
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Question is on hold - should it be? What is considered a "general reference"?

My question is put on hold for being off-topic: How do I pronounce the name "Aurelius"? Since I wasn't exactly sure what the "general reference" reason actually is (When looking at the Help ...
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