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Basic questions are not so basic

It has come up in other threads that we have a lot of "basic" or "lowest common denominator" questions. However, a few myths about this need to be put to rest. First, we do have a general reference ...
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What kind of questions ARE we looking for here?

I've been lurking on ELU for around six months now, and in my time here, I've seen many, many questions being closed due to being off-topic. More than any other SE site. I've browsed the meta for ...
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Why are most new questions being downvoted?

I was scrolling through the list of newest asked questions and noticed that only 3 out of 15 had non-negative votes for the question. Is this just an anomaly or is the quality of the average question ...
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General Reference = general clairvoyance?

This question asked what you call those words that sound like the sound they make. It was closed as general reference. Really!? How the hell is the guy supposed to look up the answer when he doesn't ...
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Replacing our "research" close reason: Completed

Update: Closing remarks The phrasing I suggested in an answer below is now live: Background We have a massive problem with close votes. There's no sense in placing blame — we've been on this path ...
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Show Me the Reference!

It's time for everyone's favorite game show, Show Me the Reference! The following seven questions were each placed on hold as general reference within the past week: Is it correct to use an ...
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About Reference Questions

It seems that we must once again clarify what questions should and should not be closed with the close reason: Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. A ...
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Reword General Reference to include research / ELL

This is a spin-off suggestion from Add a 'too basic' close reason. I put forth that we already do have a 'too basic' reason, General Reference, but the wording should be improved. Here is what I ...
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Who is voting to close all these questions?

I just went though the closure review queue, consisting of a couple dozen questions with close votes. At least 75 percent of these questions were not even remotely closeable according to the ...
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Request to reopen "Literal Meaning of 'Gosh'"

I think the closed question, Literal Meaning of 'Gosh' should be reopened. The general reference reason to close specifies that a question can be definitively and permanently answered by a single ...
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What is a "General Reference": Wikipedia? TV Tropes? Urban Dictionary?

I ask because the question "" has been closed as general reference, but the only links I see are: http://en....
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About EL&U usage, purpose, and comments

I simply have to ask, and lash out (a tiny bit), about some of the comments and messages I have received on answers I've provided. I've had at least one moderator (I think?) and another senior member ...
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"Masters degree" vs. "Master's degree" is not the same question as "Master's degrees" vs. "Masters' degrees"

I would like to request more reopen votes for the following question: Does a person have two “masters’ degrees” or two “master’s degrees”? As described clearly in the question post, it is not ...
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Acquiescing to other Q&A sites

A user asked a question about the phrase dot and carry one. The first comment queried whether the question qualified as general reference and supplied a link to an answer. The link goes to an external ...
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Is a question that can be answered by trivial googling a valid question?

My question is about What does 'Gentleman jockey wins the Derby' mean. The OP would have found an answer -- or a strong clue -- if he had googled "gentleman jockey". There are nine ...
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