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Common accepted online resources [duplicate]

What would be well-known, and in a certain measure reliable, online resources that should be checked before asking a question, or that could help with answering questions? I've got a few listed that ...
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Is there a free online Canadian English Dictionary? [duplicate]

All Canadian English dictionaries appear to be under a paywall model. Can anybody help?
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Good resources for collocations [duplicate]

Can you please point me to a good online resource for verb collocations, for American English? Preferably, something with a lot of examples.
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What books about English grammar are the standard for linguists and what for non-linguists? [duplicate]

I was wondering what books about English grammar are: the standard ones written for linguists or linguistics students, and the standard ones written for people who are neither linguists nor ...
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What to reference when answering a question? [duplicate]

I've seen a few questions dotted around, which require references to dictionaries or such-like (etymonline, wiktionary, OE dictionary, the Chicago Manual of Style), to make clear why a word or ...
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Corpus of example sentences with context clues for dictionary words [duplicate]

As I have found on my simple research, context clues are useful to learn meaning of dictionary words. For academic purpose, I need corpora of example sentences for dictionary words that contain such ...
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Dictionaries that do a good job explaining nuances in how words are used [duplicate]

I find dictionaries tend to provide definitions that are too general and don't cut to the heart of how words are distinctly used. Is there a dictionary that does a better job defining words or ...
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What alternatives to Google are there for searching for examples of phrases in old texts? [duplicate]

I have used Google for many years, to search for phrases such as "party to the scene", but I have never used any other computerized databases.
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What's the best Dictionary for intermediates? [duplicate]

I was looking for some fine English dictionaries for intermediate use. Hope someone can share some dictionaries which provides definitions that easy to comprehend.
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What are the highest quality textbooks for learning English grammar? [duplicate]

I am a native English speaker, but I think my grasp of grammar is too weak. So, I want to know what textbooks or reference books others deem worthy of using to deepen and broaden their understanding ...
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Recommendations for Scientific Dissertation Style Guides [duplicate]

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good free online style guides for theses and dissertations, especially for the sciences. Looking for something authoritative and that really gets into the ...
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What tools do people use for including research? [duplicate]

It's been a couple of months since I joined this community and needless to say while posting the questions we have to include the research we have done to prevent it from being flagged or worse being ...
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British English Reference Check [duplicate]

What would be the best reference for a writer who follows British English in his writing style? are there any online tools that have proofread feature for the same? or a reliable dictionary to use ...
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List of English word research tools [duplicate]

I once discovered a post on this site that had a very comprehensive list of English word research tools, but I am having difficulties finding it again. Apologies for a potentially off-topic or ...
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Against single word requests

We've discussed single-word-requests before: Are single word requests always welcomed questions? Are word requests allowed? The consensus of earlier discussions was that these questions are on the ...
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