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Protocol when a comment provides a reasonable answer [duplicate]

Please bear with me: I am still a learner in this forum. In a question such as this, where a correct answer (well, one I would have given) has been provided and the question seems interesting, is it ...
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Answers in comments

There are quite a large number of Meta.ELU questions about answers in comments, but none which definitively settles community opinion, mainly because they are rather old now, but also because they don'...
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Is it wrong to answer a question that you've voted to close?

I'm no longer a regular on this site. But, in the past I frequently would answer a question for one of the lost souls who accidentally stumbled onto the kllling floor. These questions are usually ...
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How to handle old questions with answers stuck in a comment?

I am noticing a bunch of older questions stuck in the Unanswered queue that have an acceptable answer posted as a comment instead of an answer. For the first few I found I just copied the answer into ...
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Qualitative 'boundaries' for what it means to answer in comments

The topic of answers in comments has been brought up before (here and there and elsewhere), with MrHen providing a good summary of the community's attitude: My opinion on that subject is that ...
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Is it possible that EL&U has reached or could at some point reach a "mature stage?"

Note: This question is somewhat open-ended and prompted more by curiosity than any sort of actionable problem or idea. It seems to me like an interesting discussion topic, but if people view it as ...
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Why was my suggestion to a new user to visit ELL deleted?

I advised a new user to consider also ELL for his posts. In his META post OP observed that : We're supposed to be providing research, but sometimes the points within a post are so obvious that ...
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Converting comment to answer: when to delete the original comment?

After promoting / converting one's own comments to an answer, should one delete or leave the original comments? Option 1: Avoid redundancy by deleting my comments that are now in an Answer. Option 2: ...
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Why are so many questions answered in comments? [duplicate]

Each time I visit this site, I often see that a question has no good answer in the answer section, but actually several good candindates for answer in the comments on the question. Why are people ...
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What's the rationale for responding to a question with a comment as opposed to an answer? [duplicate]

I'm a newbie to the forum and I notice that questions sometimes get both comments and answers, or sometimes just comments, and wonder what the rationale is for this distinction. Does the difference ...
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Answers as comments

OK, so I'm new here, and I don't necessarily know my way around, but: It strikes me that on a lot of questions, people will answer the question, but post their answer as a comment to the question. ...
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Folklore or official policy?

At this question: Usage of "do not " vs "does not", I saw the following in a comment: As Reg Dwight has said, '[W]e write stuff in comments that is too obvious to qualify for an ...
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Why do people constantly answer questions in the "add a comment" section? [duplicate]

So many of the questions are answered in the "comment" portion rather than in the proper "answers" spot. I do not understand this behavior.
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How to handle questions with acceptable comments as answers but no answer itself? [duplicate]

My question is- What do we do for questions that have (very) acceptable comments as answers (even accepted by OP) but due to absence of an answer, the questions tend to remain un-answered. I've ...
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Unanswered questions with comments [duplicate]

Apologies if this is duplication; the closest existing question I could find was this which touches on the subject but does not resolve it. I was wondering what is the cause and possible solution to ...

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