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Why are there so many down-votes on English SE site? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are most new questions being downvoted? This is the first time I asked a question on English SE site and got two down-votes immediately. It turns out I'm not alone. There'...
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Google is not General Reference

The description for the "General Reference" close reason states, This question is too basic; it can be definitively and permanently answered by a single link to a standard internet reference ...
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Waning gap of acceptable questions

After a couple days of break I revisited EL&U to find about a third of questions on the main page marked [closed]. It appears anything that can be looked up in more or less obscure source (NOT ...
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Is this a good justification for frequent downvoting and closing?

There is a lot of downvoting on this site without any constructive feedback. Closings are also frequent. You can see this by just looking around. As I write this question, the three newest questions ...
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If the question is worth answering, it is worth upvoting

Just a gentle reminder to all users/contributors here... I have said this a number of times in comment on the main, but as basic netiquette, if a question post is worth your time to do the research ...
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Close Reason Comments

We've been seeing a lot of comments lately that are somewhat along the lines of Off-topic. Voting to close. or This is too localized. [remainder of comment...] Essentially, these comments are ...
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Should you also downvote when you vote to close?

Very often a question will have more close votes than downvotes. When those with enough (3,000) reputation cast a close vote on a question, is it also worthwhile they downvote? (In fact, this also ...
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Why is my question receiving down votes?

It is very strange to me that on a question I recently asked already has 3 down-votes. Is there a word or phrase for language and culture combined? Meanwhile, here are examples to very similar ...
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Bad questions can lead to good answers

Many people at ELU seem to view the relationship between seekers and givers of knowledge as being essentially transactional in nature: the job of the questioner is to state his or her question simply ...
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How do we deter unexplained downvoting of newcomers’ questions?

I have today seen two examples of a newcomer’s question being downvoted without explanation. It is true that both questions needed improvement, and comments were made to that effect before the ...
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