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Should we fix backticks?

I would still like to look into doing this, because it is tedious in the extreme to edit every single instance of misused backticks into italics, and because almost no one ever fixes these. Therefore ...
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Color of certain elements in Main site doesn't match up with the rest of the page

It is obvious that the grey of the blocks and the grey in the horizontal rule don't match up with the rest of the page. Adding a small amount of the color from the background to it could greatly ...
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Style guide for questions, answers, and comments

Style guides such as those on Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu have been greatly helpful for me (and many in those communities) in creating well-written, well-formatted, easy-to-understand, ...
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Bold vs italics for giving an example word/phrase [duplicate]

For word/phrase request questions, is there a convention for highlighting the example word given? In this answer I used bold, and somebody changed it ...
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“Style” and “formatting” tags on Meta: synonyms?

In the real world, there are any number of ways to distinguish style from formatting, but on Meta.EL&U, neither has been specified in the tag wikis. They are both a jumble of questions about which ...
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Use of Block-quotes in Formatting Q & A's

When to use block-quotes, and when to not use block-quotes. Can someone clarify?
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Editing strictly for style [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What emphasis to use when referring to words? I’m primarily active over on StackOverflow, forgive me if I am unfamiliar with the conventions here. In an answer, I used the ...
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Path for adopting EL&U formatting standards [duplicate]

Aside from the relevant place to track these discussions, I believe we should decide the appropriate path for reaching a decision about a particular standard. Community run projects tend to get stuck ...
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What are the commonly accepted guidelines specific to this site (2015)?

At Folklore or official policy?, I wrote, "I feel like I've come into the movie theater in the middle of the movie. Please, help me understand what's going on in this site and what is expected of ...
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Why do we use italics when recommending words? [duplicate]

Why do we italicise the term in reply to a suggestion asking for possible terms? I don't mean that we shouldn't, it looks cool, but what's the core reason? Why not bold?
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