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Why are 'Closed' questions left up?

This forum is so full of closed questions that every page seems to be polluted with them. Why are they not just removed? Or is it possible that we (i.e. those of us with enough points to be moderators)...
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Undercutting the old duplicity

Recent, well-formulated questions may be closed as duplicates of older, more poorly formulated questions. The answers given for the latter may pose as answers for the former. However, a well-...
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Is it appropriate to mark an earlier, poorer question as a duplicate of a later, better one?

This question is a duplicate of this one, so normally I would vote to mark it as a duplicate. However, the earlier question is of lower quality than the newer one (and that's reflected in its ...
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Declutter EL&U's "Newest" Page

Unclutter EL&U before quality drowns It is my conviction that the site's health would benefit greatly by removing those very questions that plague the first two or three pages. As soon as an ...
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Need a way to search for stop words

Since this site is about English usage, the standard search engine for the site which filters out "stop words" is going to be problematic since many of the questions on the site will be about stop ...
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Not sure merging the two questions was a good idea,

The answers to the question A word or expression for being paralyzed by fear or scare, like German Schockstarre [duplicate] have been merged into One word - someone so scared that he can't move [...
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Tests of duplicity

A recent question was closed because it already has an answer at another question. I cast the final vote because I believe that the following test is a reliable guide for casting "duplicate" close ...
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Why would this question be considered an *exact* duplicate?

I just had this question closed as an exact duplicate of this other question, even though mine is about whether to follow the spelling conventions of a speaker when quoting him, and the other is about ...
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Request to reconsider duplicate mark

Yesterday another user asked if it's appropriate to put a comma before an ampersand in a list, and the question was marked as a duplicate of comma-before-and questions. I don't agree that this is a ...
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What do I do when I see an older duplicate question?

I have read Etiquette on duplicate questions , but it doesn't give me practical advice about what to do. I have been trying to track down all questions like "do I need a hyphen in the one handed ...
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