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Using asterisks, as in fuck or f*ck?

Why do words like "expectorate" sound more posh than words like "spit"? includes two examples of asterisks used to avoid spelling out in full offensive words. Most serious ...
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Does ELU allow "discriminatory" comments?

Under an answer to the following question What is a good alternative for the reverse of a boycott? a user has posted a couple of comments that I find discriminatory, to say the least. @JOSH On what ...
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Why can't I flag a question as "offensive"?

I find a certain phrase in a particular question very offensive. However, I can't flag it as "offensive" like I can a comment. Is this by design? What should I flag it as instead?
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Why was my comment containing JHC deleted?

A comment of mine (quoted in this meta-question by Dog Lover), began with what I thought was the innocuous expression 'Jesus H Christ'. Dog Lover, to whom my comment was originally addressed, took ...
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Proposal for a policy on mentioning slurs

When I say "mention" or "mentioning" I mean it as in the "use/mention distinction". When I say "slur" I mean A derogatory or insulting term applied to ...
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Where is the limit for posting filth in the name of creativity?

For me, this is the dividing line, the line between what is appropriate for this site, and what is not. I do not know how it is possible that we have become the site to post trash in the name of ...
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Proposal to protect old questions from LQA by low-rep users

I have a few questions. I flagged an answer which looked like a spam under this question. The answer (by fadumu shafic) was later deleted (I am not sure whether it was deleted by the poster or ...
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Aggressive and offensive comments on questions [closed]

Occasionally, questions that seem very simple or straightforward disguise some depth of insight into English language. These are the gold dust of this site and of inquiries into language in general. ...
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Formatting a Quote

You can format quotes: is this right? or is "this" right? In other words, would you say Like this or "Like this"? I sometimes edit to make the change to the first.
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Ethnic slur in question: what's the procedure?

A question with the following title appeared on the main site yesterday: meaning of "giddy-up" As innocent as that sounds, a quotation used in that question contains harsh language (namely ...
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Was it incorrect or too soon to advise the OP that they could accept their own answer?

DISCLAIMER: This post is merely seeking others' opinions (and whether I was indeed wrong). I am not out to get anyone. Hello, fellow linguists. I come here with a slight dilemma pertaining to a ...
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Reporting rude comments

I've noticed a number of unnecessarily rude responses to questions that I've made. Although there appears to be 'flagging' options for some elements, I am unable to do so. Is this due to having a low ...
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Why was my VLQ flag rejected?

I flagged an answer as very low quality. The flag was rejected, with the notice: A moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it. The reason I flagged this as VLQ is because. ...
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What constitutes spam?

Spam can be defined in various different ways, but for the purposes of a StackExchange site, I have always been of the opinion that a broad definition is generally desirable: Irrelevant or ...
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Should I flag a poor answer as not an answer?

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm torn on the abilities I now have and know I can edit an answer, flag an answer, and downvote an answer (or ignore). I don't really want to flag ...
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