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What to do about missing source attributions?

Copying, Linking, Attributions, and Plagiarism I have two related questions that I would like to see some discussion on: Do we need to improve our Help Center’s text to remind people that they have ...
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Undo removal of comments to chat

History On November 8 came this question Mimsy were the Borogoves - why is “mimsy” an adjective? for which I provided an answer that I consider was fair to good. Over the course of the next two days ...
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What's up with all these dictionary reference edits?

I usually copy the google definition for common words, or link it if I'm using a specific dictionary. But do all word definition answers need to have a dictionary reference link?
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How should the new Lexico-hosted Oxford dictionary be cited?

I noticed that not long ago (in June) Oxford University Press changed the server that hosted what they used to call "Oxford Living Dictionaries". I used Oxford Living Dictionaries a bit in the past. ...
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What is the policy concerning users who copy and paste answers without acknowledging the source?

I have come across a user who more than once has been caught out by experienced members of this community and asked to cite the reference which he/she copied their answer verbatim. Out of sheer ...
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What's the appropriate course of action for deleting an answer?

Recently an answer of mine was deleted by mods for "not meeting the required site standards". The answer didn't contain offensive material or support prejudiced concepts that might have negatively ...
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Henpecked by MetaEd

What is the wife of a henpecked husband called? No idea why you are classifying my response as plagiarism. Really none at all.
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Who is this guy, anyway?

Please consult the question Is there a single word for people who inhabit rural areas? Scroll down to an answer provided by me (deleted; requires 10k). The comment by @tchrist immediately following ...
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What's the bare minimum I need to add to this answer to meet specs?

I wrote an answer which is, I am told, "not in compliance with local attribution guidelines." What, if anything, do I need to do to this answer to bring it up to code? Do I really have to add "...
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What is our current position on these issues?

I’ve been noticing an increase in answers that, essentially, consist of nothing but a suggestion or bald assertion and that are often lacking any apparent effort to even format, punctuate, or spell ...
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What is EL&U's policy about attributing links?

Today an editor added the source of every link I included in an answer of mine. They are a total of six links, only one contains a quote– fairly extensive–which was clearly attributed. In the ...
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Are we remiss in giving attributions to published images?

We have a requirement on the main to give attribution for quotes and text from other sources. However, in some cases a question needs an image to help clarify what is wanted. According to an ...
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