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General Reference = general clairvoyance?

This question asked what you call those words that sound like the sound they make. It was closed as general reference. Really!? How the hell is the guy supposed to look up the answer when he doesn't ...
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How much research is needed?

Please advise or enlighten me if such guidance already exists. For example, for this question, I sought to record my thoughts and opinions on how to gloss that sentence. Yet it was still closed as `...
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Moderators' policy on bullying

I would like to know the moderators' policy on bullying. It seems easy to bully a user. For it takes only 5 users who have sufficient reps to close a question.
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Moderators’ policy on hectoring

What should we do about hectoring? A flurry of hectoring[1] comments has appeared both on the main ELU site and also here on ELU’s meta. I seek clarification on the following questions three: What ...
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A simple proposal towards improving question quality

Encouraging Better Questions I would like to encourage the asking of better, more substantial questions. Every day we receive many brief, low-quality questions that are unlikely to elicit anything ...
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Hold-Reason Suggestion: "More Research Desired" (MRD)

I was reading some posts on improving question quality and narrowing the definition of the General Reference when I had an idea. What does ELU Meta think about putting a question on hold when "more ...
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Reword General Reference to include research / ELL

This is a spin-off suggestion from Add a 'too basic' close reason. I put forth that we already do have a 'too basic' reason, General Reference, but the wording should be improved. Here is what I ...
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Lack of comments to explain downvotes and recommendations to delete

I'm new to Stack Exchange, so I haven't had many experiences with it yet, but something that I am finding problematic is a lack of comments to explain downvotes or recommendations to delete answers. ...
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Should we always look for research efforts in EL&U questions?

In my 2 months of EL&U contribution, I have come across umpteen instances where top users suggest OPs to include some research effort from their side(rightly so) and I too have adopted this ...
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What is our current position on these issues?

I’ve been noticing an increase in answers that, essentially, consist of nothing but a suggestion or bald assertion and that are often lacking any apparent effort to even format, punctuate, or spell ...
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question put on hold, reason unclear?

I have asked a question What is the one word for people who hate others success?. The question seems to be put on hold, as off topic, can anybody please explain how is this an off topic question?
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Hell is hot, but is it funny?

On August 27 of last year, a poster on the main site asked "What does the idiom “funny as hell” mean?" Four days later, the question was closed for a familiar reason: Please include the research ...
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