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Bring back the Summer of Love (aka Make new users feel more welcome)

I'm a big fan of SE sites and spend an awful lot of time on StackOverflow. When I saw an English Language site, I pointed a few of my friends and family this way (one of whom is an English professor ...
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Single word requests, crosswords, and the fight against mediocrity

A call to action This topic has been brought up here numerous times before, most recently by JSBangs: I'm now of the opinion that single word requests should be either disallowed entirely or subject ...
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Becoming more welcoming to new users, how?

TL;DR: how to address low-quality posts by new-users without being a jerk or otherwise scaring them away? Introduction I'm writing this question after reading this Stack Overflow blog on the need to ...
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Is Google Dictionary a valid definition reference (in particular in answers)?

In my answer to this question, another user was adamant that Google is not a citable source and that that is a policy of ELU. The link given as evidence for that was Is TFD a RTFM online source? - a ...
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I have a question, but it's off-topic. Where else could I ask?

ELU attracts a number of kinds of questions that, while superficially ELU material, just don't fit for one reason or another. I propose a set of recommendations that we can give to question askers as ...
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“What’s wrong with single word requests?”

In the proposal to merge ELU and ELL, the asker in passing mentioned: On the other hand, many native speakers actually ask questions such as single word requests which should not be the focus of ELU ...
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"Thanks man for not laughing at my question :)"

A question, concise but clear and easily comprehensible to my eyes; two "desperate" tentative answers; a few comments; a series of down-votes and the closing of the question. I think probably no one ...
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Why do we tell users to comment when they don't have sufficient rep to do so?

I have noticed the following comment left pretty much verbatim, and it bothers me: This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a ...
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Google is a Lexicon, How Do You Like Those Apples?

I'm writing today to debunk the libelous myth you stipulated without citing a single source. I heard back from the OED, Please see link below. Upon noticing drastic differences between Google ...
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Onboarding new and valuable users

Before the beginning of the 2019 pandemic, I regularly saw older and even lower-rep 3K users welcoming noobie users on the main with at least some kind of boiler-plate comment such as... "...
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Auto review comments can save you time

There is an extension available for Google Chrome called AutoReviewComments, which can save you time if you frequent the review queues, or guide new users with your comments, and I've been using it ...
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