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How to migrate a question to ELL [duplicate]

This question has been put on hold as being too basic and thus off-topic. I would like to vote for this question to be migrated to ELL rather than deleted, but the only three options I see in "flag" ...
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What is the difference between ELU and ELL?

Someone has suggested that a question of mine should be migrated to the ELL site. Why are there two Q&A sites for the English language? What can I ask on each site? Note: ELU refers to English ...
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"This question appears to be off topic because it is better asked on ELL."

A bit of background before I begin: I am a moderator on ELL, and I admit to not being entirely familiar with what is and isn't on-topic here on ELU. I am posting this discussion because I see a trend ...
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A friendly reminder: ELL is not EL&U's trash can

We've been getting a lot of migrations to ELL lately. That's actually fine by me – I think a lot of them are okay on ELL, even if they're not suitable for EL&U. The two sites have different ...
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Extraordinary spike in low-quality questions by 1 rep users

I can't keep up with them, the brand new users who have 1 rep. There's too many, they're swarming the site and often their questions consist of one or two lines with no context. All the following ...
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Questions for English Language Learners Stack Exchange

A week ago in chat Grace Note asked us to compile a list of questions we think should be migrated to English Language Learners. Now, I'm not wholly in favour of migrating to ELL at the moment, ...
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Can we add English Language Learners to the "belongs on another SE site" list? (When will ELL move out of beta?)

For close votes, we are provided a number of reasons. One reason, in particular, is for being off-topic because it belongs on a different Stack Exchange network, takes you to a list view of related ...
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Should we discourage the use of argot such as AmE, BrE, ELU, ...?

[With Addendum] Should we discourage the use of argot such as AmE and BrE—even ELU—[added:] in answers to nonspecialists' questions at ELU? Most visitors who find answers here come from ...
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Rewriting the Question Box Sidebar

Recently, a user brought up the issue of questions that could seemingly be answered by looking in a dictionary and the responses given to those questions. Andrew Leach posted an answer that had a ...
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Too few questions being migrated to ELL?

A member has already raised a similar question on meta, and makes some pertinent points with which I agree: Extracts: (1) When people who are struggling to learn English find a site about ...
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Closing a question: How are migration possibilities determined?

I was going to put a close vote with suggestion to migrate to on this question here (about the use of names in formal writing), but when I tried to cast the close vote, the only target for ...
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