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Word for disrespecting eldest half-sister by referring to her husband as girly-girl-manly-boy though he's amused but the rest of the family isn't?

Are these single word requests getting out of hand, or am I just still too new to this site to recognize a long-standing problem and standard ways of dealing with them? I thought that by using ...
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Should we have a migration path to ELL?

I know that this has been discussed before but, at the time, it was not possible since ELL was still in beta. Now that it has graduated and has had its first mod elections and everything, it might be ...
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Does ELU Have Worse Questions Than Other Sites?

This is a follow-up to a couple comments on What can we do to make this site more “intimidating”? @Jason-C asserted that ELU's problems with question quality are no different than what other sites ...
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This is not a site for "serious English language enthusiasts," and it never will be

I think it's time that we addressed the conceit that ELU is a site for "linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts." Its framers and many of its devotees intend for it to be ...
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List of common abbreviations and acronyms (NOAD, ESL, PIE...)

Abbreviations are always a potential source of confusion. Some people might happen to know what OED stands for, and can figure out what NOAD must mean, but others may not be so lucky. Googling for PIE ...
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General Reference = general clairvoyance?

This question asked what you call those words that sound like the sound they make. It was closed as general reference. Really!? How the hell is the guy supposed to look up the answer when he doesn't ...
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Basic questions are not so basic

It has come up in other threads that we have a lot of "basic" or "lowest common denominator" questions. However, a few myths about this need to be put to rest. First, we do have a general reference ...
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Extraordinary spike in low-quality questions by 1 rep users

I can't keep up with them, the brand new users who have 1 rep. There's too many, they're swarming the site and often their questions consist of one or two lines with no context. All the following ...
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"Thanks man for not laughing at my question :)"

A question, concise but clear and easily comprehensible to my eyes; two "desperate" tentative answers; a few comments; a series of down-votes and the closing of the question. I think probably no one ...
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Proposal: Add a "too basic"/"uninteresting" off-topic option

Also see: Proposal: Require a whitelisted URL to close as General Reference It is clear that many close-voters use the "commonly available references" option as a catchall for questions that they ...
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Should we add more abbreviations to "the list"?

Background: A recent question used the abbreviations "NP" (noun phrase) and "AP" (adjective phrase) without expansion. A commenter objected, recommending that such abbreviations ...
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Why reject a suggested edit to add a link for a likely-to-be-mysterious acronym?

Below are two identical suggested edits. The first was accepted but the second rejected. Why? The reason given for the rejection was that the edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Both ...
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