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Should we have a migration path to ELL?

I know that this has been discussed before but, at the time, it was not possible since ELL was still in beta. Now that it has graduated and has had its first mod elections and everything, it might be ...
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Removal of both the [grammar] tag and its mention in the ELU tour and help center pages

Issues with the grammar tag have been discussed for years now: 12 April 2011 29 January 2015 It seems the general consensus is that the tag is problematic as best and blacklisting it was brought up ...
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Please don't migrate obviously off-topic questions to ELL - it just makes things harder on the author

This isn't a complaint about the overall migration of questions from EL&U. I think taken as a whole, the migration path is a positive thing. I have started to see a few real stinkers getting ...
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Redirect for SWRs?

It is a long standing annoyance that SWRs (single word requests), though unusually highly trafficked, the source for rep for many people, and having a few catchy interesting questions, are poorly ...
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On the recently-migrated question "Need help with understanding the sentence"

... which is now on ELL : After the following comment by the OP: I personally agree with the second option (...
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Too few questions being migrated to ELL?

A member has already raised a similar question on meta, and makes some pertinent points with which I agree: Extracts: (1) When people who are struggling to learn English find a site about ...
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What should be done with "Another" vs "other"?

So I noticed that there is a bit of an editing dispute between Rathony and CuriousDanii regarding the question "Another" vs "other" regarding which version of the question should ...
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When a question is interesting but too 'loose', is it better to edit it even if you need to guess, or to vote to close it?

Consider the following question on the main site representative of the questions of interest here: Is the verb "cast" in acting, metalworking and programming the same verb? In essence, I ...
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If a question is too easy, should it be closed, or should it be migrated to ELL?

I've noticed that, when a question is too easy and the answer can be quickly looked up, people respond in one of two ways: Migrate the question to ELL, since it's too easy for EL&U. Close the ...
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Can we add English Language Learners to the "belongs on another SE site" list? (When will ELL move out of beta?)

For close votes, we are provided a number of reasons. One reason, in particular, is for being off-topic because it belongs on a different Stack Exchange network, takes you to a list view of related ...
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Is this question about Boners too simple for E.L.U. or not, and if it is, should it be migrated to E.L.L?

We were just having a little debate about the question What does it mean to give someone boners? in chat, and it strikes me as a rather borderline case. The matter under consideration was whether or ...
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Flagging a Question as a Duplicate of an ELL Question

I came across this question today and was going to flag it, but I wasn't sure what flag category to use. It is fairly basic, so it likely belongs on ELL. However, in the comments, a user mentions a ...
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Closing the loop on migrations to ELL [duplicate]

So this is yet another discussion about the migration path to ELL. There needs to be some sort of community consensus on what should be migrated, what should be closed, and what should be answered on ...
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