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Why was this comment deleted?

A few days ago I read this question about why there is no "autumntime" or "falltime". I added this comment: We just use fall or autumn in those cases, both as nouns and adjectives. Not really sure ...
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Why are my comments deleted?

Hello, Congratulations -- you are one of the top new English Language and Usage - Stack Exchange users for the week of Aug 6 2012! ...
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"New attribution rules"

User oerkelens edited one of my answers, with the comment "Saved good answer from potential deletion on sight under the new attribution rules". I had not heard of any new attribution rules, and went ...
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Why are comments deleted seemingly randomly? [duplicate]

For instance, I posted what was perhaps the first comment for this question, stating that the generic name for the item in question was a "keyboard", and that a more specific identification would ...
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Moderators removing valuable comments

In particular I am concerned about the comments on (removed). Some of the comments pointed out that the answer was off base. The number of comments grew quite lengthy and so a moderator ...
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Why are we moving all the comments to chat?

I've seen a lot of lengthy comments sections being moved en masse to chat. The reason I discovered this site and began relying on it and eventually joined it was because of a comment by tchrist on the ...
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Should specific mods answer for their actions when called to task in meta?

Sometimes someone complains of a specific moderator action in meta (action known, mod unknown), and the responsible party does not reply. For the sake of transparency, teaching, and trust-building, ...
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Curious, but complaining only a little: Why was my comment deleted?

I posted a comment on this question: What is a word for someone who tries to comfort their mistakes by trying to reason with him or herself?, and I think someone even upvoted the comment, but my ...
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So what was so bad about my comment?

What is not having a dominant foot called? In response to the comment "@HotLicks actually, it's the 3rd most popular team sport in the US, after basketball and baseball", I replied "So, go ask FIFA", ...
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Why was one of my comments deleted on this question? (also, request to add a feature to the site to be notified of post and comment deletions) [duplicate]

Should we refer to a female "senator" as a "senatrix"? I remember making a comment on why actor/actress and waiter/waitress are used but not author/authoress, but the comment is ...
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Disappearing comment trails

The trail of a wide number of different user's comments on this page has been deleted. I am wondering why and by whom? The use of nominative "whom" Some of the comments may have been ...
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Has the policy on "excessive commenting" changed?

In most StackExchange sites, if an item seems to have attracted too many comments, those comments are moved to chat. (I have my own opinions about this practice, but in any event, that's the practice....
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