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Why there's no box (for me) to answer a question? [duplicate]

I am relatively new in this forum but I have already 101 reputation points from other stackexchange sites. There's no absolutely no help in this subject! Reference: The above problem regards a ...
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Should answers-as-comments be flagged? [duplicate]

RE: Take advice OF or FROM (the comment from Jim). More than any other Stack I use, English.SE users have the habit of answering questions in comments. I've seen a lot of them over the time I've ...
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Are there any proper guidelines to write an answer?

I am looking for SE or SE ELU answer writing guide. Recently, my (accepted) answer was edited – screenshots removed – with this comment. Some of the information contained in this post requires ...
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What to do with yes/no questions?

I'm sorry if this is a duplicate, but I can't find any prior guidance on this. Closest I could get was Asking questions with very short answers. Someone just posted this question: Possibility ...
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Is it OK to answer to old questions?

I was wondering—if we find an old question without an accepted answer, are we allowed to answer? Or should we expect down-votes for that? I don't know if it's a stupid question but I didn't find ...
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Is it a better idea to check some resources before answering to the questions?

Before answering to any question, I usually check out some resources to make sure that my answer is a trustworthy one. Of course, I do this about those questions that I'm not 100% sure about their ...
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