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On deleting low quality single-word-request answers

This morning, I and my fellow moderators are faced with a quandary. Once again, we have a pile of disputed low quality flags in our queue, the majority of which are for answers to single-word-requests....
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How to handle old questions with answers stuck in a comment?

I am noticing a bunch of older questions stuck in the Unanswered queue that have an acceptable answer posted as a comment instead of an answer. For the first few I found I just copied the answer into ...
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People answering off-topic questions: What should we do?

It happens sometimes that when I vote to close a question which is evidently Off Topic, some user posts an answer. I know it might be legit (although honestly I'm not sure on this), but this ...
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Exception to 30 character minimum for answers

Is there any way to create an exception for the minimum answer length for questions tagged "single-word request?" It seems wasteful and inconvenient and seems feasible from a coding perspective.
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UNDELETED: Deleting a highly upvoted but questionably correct answer (the one with the subjunctive)

In one of the first questions on this site, "If I was" vs "If I were", there are a slew of answers. The question had a somewhat more recent (Feb 2018) spate of activity with a very authoritative, ...
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About answers to heavily edited questions (re alibi)

I wonder what the community policy is respecting question edits that change the meaning, and existing answers to earlier version of the question. I looked around a bit but only managed to find several ...
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Qualitative 'boundaries' for what it means to answer in comments

The topic of answers in comments has been brought up before (here and there and elsewhere), with MrHen providing a good summary of the community's attitude: My opinion on that subject is that ...
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How should I handle accepting answers when I don't know if they are correct?

I've just asked my first question here, and got some helpful answers. However, I am not by any means an expert on the English language, and therefore lack the capability to discern whether or not the ...
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Answering at the same time as asking ok?

I posted an answer at the same time as asking, by clicking the "Answer your own question" checkbox. A user said in response That's not the way one asks a question, with its detail and background ...
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The answer to this question is great! But the question is closed and a bit hard to find

"Put me in touch with whomever created it"? I think F.E.'s answer here is very good and complete--the best overview on the case of fused relative pronouns that I've seen on this site. But ...
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Are answers that only cite personal experience acceptable for questions about dialects?

In general, answers on this site are supposed to have references. This was established early on by the top answers to the following Meta post: Since it isn't in the FAQ, are we as answerers ...
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4 answers

How bad is it to answer a question that might be unsuitable for the site?

I have the impression one loses brownie points when posting an answer to a question that will obviously be closed in short order. Where should one draw the line in deciding whether to post an answer ...
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Change the text shown after the field to add a new answer

Actually, after the form field and the button to add a new answer, the following text is shown: The text could be confuse some users that, from a side, see duplicate questions being closed and, from ...
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Should downvotes require comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is it not mandatory to provide comments on a down-vote? Some questions can be unclear, and most users are nice enough to leave a comment on the question to let OP know ...
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Deleting an Answer

What are the "good" reasons for deleting someone else's answer? And, related, — can you delete someone's answer with no reason? — how many delete votes does it take to delete an answer?
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Why are (advanced) users answering poor questions in comments? [duplicate]

I just went through the close review queue and found the following questions which are typical of a problem I've been seeing recently: 'In tone' meaning A question that relevant to commas ...
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Undelete deleted answer: clanking vs. clinking

I find it odd that this answer to the question What's the action of banging two beers together called? was deleted for being a comment when it clearly provides an answer ("clank"). While it can ...
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What's the best way to address an antisemitic slur suggested as an answer over a year ago?

This answer from a year ago suggested "Shylock" as a slang term for "debt-collector" and received 4 upvotes. Academics still debate whether Shakespeare's character Shylock in The Merchant of Venice ...
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Folklore or official policy?

At this question: Usage of "do not " vs "does not", I saw the following in a comment: As Reg Dwight has said, '[W]e write stuff in comments that is too obvious to qualify for an ...
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