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Announcement: AI generated answers are officially banned here

It's really quite unbelievable, but artificial intelligence has recently gotten to the point where, given a question, it can give a stunningly coherent answer almost indistinguishable from a real ...
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Will websites like English Stack Exchange and its ilk become obsolete due to ChatGPT?

I'm seriously worried. I would love to hear thoughts from members of this community.
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Recognizing generic ChatGPT posts

For future reference, how was this determined to be ChatGPT? Example: I think only 10K users can see: Can one say "take an integral" instead of "calculate an integral"? What other ...
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An answer about spelling was deleted. Why?

December 7, 2022 An answer, which was highly upvoted, has been recently deleted by a mod. After searching briefly on the net, the content seems to be original and the author's explanation more than ...
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