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How can we know what dictionary an entry on is from? just got a lot worse. For example, looking up helium gives you entries from four dictionaries, labeled "American", "British", "Scientific", and "...
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What is EL&U's policy about attributing links?

Today an editor added the source of every link I included in an answer of mine. They are a total of six links, only one contains a quote– fairly extensive–which was clearly attributed. In the ...
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"Lexico" will be gone in less than a month

Not sure what the implications for our site will be, but it seems relevant news that Lexico (formerly "Oxford Living Dictionaries", formerly "Oxford Dictionaries Online") is ...
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How should the new Lexico-hosted Oxford dictionary be cited?

I noticed that not long ago (in June) Oxford University Press changed the server that hosted what they used to call "Oxford Living Dictionaries". I used Oxford Living Dictionaries a bit in the past. ...
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RIP Oxford “living” Dictionaries

Don't know when this happened, but Oxford Living Dictionaries is no more. It is now called Lexico (powered by Oxford) whatever that means… Tsk! You'd think they'd have the decency to consult us ...
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What's the bare minimum I need to add to this answer to meet specs?

I wrote an answer which is, I am told, "not in compliance with local attribution guidelines." What, if anything, do I need to do to this answer to bring it up to code? Do I really have to add "...
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Mass infringement of our copyright

The website seems to be copying content wholesale from EL&U without any attribution at all. Unlike with this blogsite problem here, there isn't even a link back to the original EL&...
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Is unattributed material being deleted on sight?

I noticed that the 'delete on sight' threat was used in this question "Robust" as a noun as a comment on this answer Whom are you quoting? ...
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"New attribution rules"

User oerkelens edited one of my answers, with the comment "Saved good answer from potential deletion on sight under the new attribution rules". I had not heard of any new attribution rules, and went ...
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