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How can we encourage more folks to edit?

My question is simple: how can we get more people to edit postings so they look better? There are badges, but it doesn’t seem to work: Awarded Badge Name Type ======= ================== =...
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A single vote closes a question! Have I just been granted "superpowers"?

I just cast a closevote (duplicate) on this question, which at the time had no comments, answers, or votes. As I write, it says Marked as duplicate by FumbleFingers 2 minutes ago, and there's an ...
12 votes
3 answers

How can we get more 10k and 20k users to help clean up the site?

The theory is that bad questions get closed and eventually deleted. The problem is that that does not happen: Here are over 2,000 closed questions with negative vote totals that are just sitting ...
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2 answers

How curious are you? — or — Tallied ELU “Asking-Day Badges”–Proposal Results

How we fare in the new badge proposal In the MSE posting Asking days badges, there is a proposal to create a new trio of badges for asking “good” questions on distinct days. Its basic metric for ...
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1 answer

Used up all my votes, but no Vox Populi badge?

Twice since joining this site I have used up all my votes in a day. I thought this should have earned me the Vox Populi badge, but it has not. Is this a bug, or do I misunderstand the badge ...
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Where do I find my badge history?

Where can I find my badge history? I would like to know the date and time I earned a certain badge, the post(s)/edit(s) for which I earned it, along with the current list of all badges I hold. I ...
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Add a badge for the user who was the first one to vote to close questions, when X% of the voted questions was really closed

Note: I am not referring to flagging; I am referring to voting to close a question. Who has the privilege to vote to close doesn't use flagging, except if the question is spam. The purpose of the ...
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