Questions tagged [burninate-request]

Use this tag to pose official burninate requests. Follow the guideline from meta.SE: DON'T WASTE ANYONE'S TIME WITHOUT FOLLOWING THAT GUIDELINE.

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Let's get rid of the "correction" tag

Is there any value in the tag correction? Currently 87 questions are infected with that hideous tag. Since unspecified proofreading is off-topic I don't think this should be used as tag anywhere. We ...
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What's the tag "obscure-terms" for? Is it necessary?

We have the tag obscure-terms. It has 36 questions and the only thing obscure about them is the thought process that lead people to tag them with this tag. Mostly words that seemed obscure to the OPs, ...
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Should we have [that] tag?

There's 10 questions with that. It lacks a tag wiki. Is it a useful tag? 1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Sometimes it's being used ...
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