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About Reference Questions

It seems that we must once again clarify what questions should and should not be closed with the close reason: Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. A ...
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when is "primarily opinion based" a valid answer, and not a reason to close?

Possible duplicate of What the "primarily opinion-based" close reason is for. I think there's a litmus test here that is misapplied. As an example, Capitalizing Stages of Diseases is ...
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I thought my question was a punctuation question

If I thought my question was a punctuation question (which would be on topic) and all the experts here thought it was a typography or style question (which is understandably off topic) how is it ...
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Reasons for dupe-close on question with the tag question-tag?

Can someone tell me why this question on question-tags was closed as a duplicate of this other one? As far as I can tell, the new question (though not particularly well-written by the standards of ...
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Close window oddity

A week or so ago we updated some links under Closing → Off-Topic. After that, I started noticing something odd under "off-topic because...": The close reasons change order. The number of ...
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Why was my post deemed off-topic?

Hypernym for "to increase" and "to decrease" It is on topic, I'm guessing someone saw I was asking about a video game and instantly closed it. It's about English if you actually ...
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Why was a question about the origin and meaning of a phrase closed because the origin is known?

Note: The question in question has been reopened. The question 'What’s the origin/meaning of “from belt buckle to shoe sole”?' was closed because Mr Biden consistently gives the origin - his uncle. ...
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Question is on hold - should it be? What is considered a "general reference"?

My question is put on hold for being off-topic: How do I pronounce the name "Aurelius"? Since I wasn't exactly sure what the "general reference" reason actually is (When looking at the Help ...
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Can this question be salvaged?

I read what I thought was an interesting question, which got what I thought was an answer-material comment. The question had one close vote, but seemed to be in a bit of a gray area. I edited the ...
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What's an example of a good proofreading question?

I see a lot of potentially poor quality questions when I go through the review queue, but I don't know how I'd recognise a good quality proofreading question. The close message says a specific source ...
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What makes a question about historical usage of a word off-topic?

The question about the historical usage of men to refer to human beings generally was closed as off-topic. It seems to fall under usage and perhaps even etymology, two of the listed acceptable topics....
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Why the phobia of anything linguistic?

Wanting to learn about sentence diagrams, and on the recommendation of an English teacher, I picked up the book "Syntactic Analysis: The Basics" by Nicholas Sobin. The thin book is, as it ...
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