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Community wiki answer changes to normal on migration?

My recent community wiki answer on ELU, on migration to ELL, changed to normal. Is this normal? It's possible that some people on ELL will think that I'm copypasting others' comments for rep.
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Should there be a limit on the number of edits a single post generates?

I'm not referring to a post being edited between five and ten times by their owner. I'm referring to posts that have been edited over thirty times in the space of one day. There used to be a time ...
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Flagged Asker; Valid Question -- Can We Make it Wiki?

This appeared like a reasonable question at first. Then it was reported as a possible duplicate. [Edit: Turns out it was an external reference, not on SE.] Subsequently, it was revealed that it ...
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Should not most of the CW questions be closed, or locked?

There are 88 CW questions; of those, 75 questions are not closed. Should not they be closed, or locked? As I can see, there are many questions that should not be asked, basing on the FAQ, as they are ...
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Number of users who edit a question and CW questions

I am used to the fact that when 5 different users edit a question, that is automatically changed to a CW question. Is this still valid? Does the number of editors include also the OP?
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Why are list questions supposed to be community wikis? Usually those questions do not require on-going editing.

What is the rationale behind making the question a community wiki with list questions? Why should this question require editing by new users? And why should the answers be community wikis? I might ...
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What is a community wiki?

I am seeing this term coming up at times. And I had been asked if I wish to do a wiki once. Seems that I should start to get to know something about the term. Hope that someone could help ...
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Would it be okay to post a question for friendly competition?

I recently asked about the origin of "P.U." in relation to something smelly. It seems likely that it is not actually an acronym, and I thought it might be fun to post a 'competition' to come up with ...
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Should I flag my own question to be a community wiki?

Once I figure out the proper form for doing so, I intend to ask two questions about metonyms and professional sports. There is more than one correct answer to the question, so I'm not sure how to ...
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