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Questions tagged [content-disputes]

This tag is for a general question about how content disputes are managed or what locking a post means. Concerns about a specific post should use a different tag such as [questions].

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2 answers

How can I improve my contributions

I'm not looking for general recommendations, but specific criticism due to the recent deletion of a comment. In a Question about the Etymology of *Cervix Why was my comment about the neck and uterus ...
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1 answer

Henpecked by MetaEd

What is the wife of a henpecked husband called? No idea why you are classifying my response as plagiarism. Really none at all.
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Should EL&U clarify with other SE sites what constitutes a suitable single-word-request?

In a recent post What are names for territories in space? The OP seemed to ask for us to make up new words for him. OP seems to realize this, based on the later comment I pointed this out in ...
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Is the "content dispute" notice adequate?

Background Yesterday I asked about the processes involved in handling a contentious situation in EL&U that had spiralled out of control. High-rep users were able to see the deleted posts that I ...
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