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1 vote
2 answers

Ought cross-posted questions be deleted?

Ought different vs differential (adjectives, not nouns) be deleted here because it was also posed to ELL? Why not just close it? Viewpoints appear to differ. Charles Stewart's answer here in Cross-...
4 votes
3 answers

One answer to a Q. is suited to ELL, but the other answer is suited to EL&U

This question: dogs, not cats -> why 'not' originated in EL&U, but was migrated to ELL. I agree that the original question and the first (my) answer are probably more appropriate to ELL than EL&...
10 votes
2 answers

Please delete your question? I say again, please delete your question?

Recently a couple of questions were posted which indicated a desire on the part of the OPs to speed up closure of certain questions. We've had similar questions before, and some helpful advice and ...
1 vote
2 answers

Could we migrate or cross-post excellent questions and answers to ELU from ELL? [duplicate]

I think a lot of questions that native English speakers would have difficulty answering get asked on ELL as opposed to ELU. And as a result, many questions get asked on ELU that are essentially a ...