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Why was my question about improving this site deleted by "Community ♦"?

This is the deleted question: Can it be re-opened? Well, I didn't get much support ...
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Our help page incorrectly states that it takes 6 spam / abuse flags to delete a post

I learned after posting this question that our help page is incorrect. It currently states the following: The spam and abusive flags are designed to automatically eliminate truly disruptive posts ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Deleted answers vs deleted questions

What's the reason why a deleted answer, unlike a deleted question, remains visible on the site? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to have it removed once the OP decides, for whatever reason, to delete ...
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Please pardon our mess

Some of you have noticed a bunch of deleted questions on the site lately, and have asked why. What happened is that there was a voting ring of users running sock puppets to post simple dictionary- ...
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Comment deletion notifications

I see that all the comments I made to the questions referenced in Wordreference cross-posting have been deleted. Can I somehow be notified when my comments are deleted?
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Undelete deleted answer: clanking vs. clinking

I find it odd that this answer to the question What's the action of banging two beers together called? was deleted for being a comment when it clearly provides an answer ("clank"). While it can ...
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Deleting answers with a positive rep balance

The related question: What do you call all the pieces of a song minus the lyrics My answer was: Basically, I'd go for 'Music'. But I might be wrong, but I might be right? (the second sentence is ...
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