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Questions tagged [deleted-posts]

posts (questions, answers, or comments) that have been deleted

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Please pardon our mess

Some of you have noticed a bunch of deleted questions on the site lately, and have asked why. What happened is that there was a voting ring of users running sock puppets to post simple dictionary- ...
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An answer was removed, but my flag was declined nevertheless - why?

This is the answer: Mimpi menjadi kenyataan.? Bukan kah segala sesuatu berawal dari mimpi. Selama mimpi kita Masi di tekuni dengan niat & tekad yang keras, pintu kesuksesan pasti kita raih. ...
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Comment deletion notifications

I see that all the comments I made to the questions referenced in Wordreference cross-posting have been deleted. Can I somehow be notified when my comments are deleted?
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Why were my comments deleted?

All the comments I made under the questions referenced in Wordreference cross-posting have been deleted. Why?
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An answer about spelling was deleted. Why?

December 7, 2022 An answer, which was highly upvoted, has been recently deleted by a mod. After searching briefly on the net, the content seems to be original and the author's explanation more than ...
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