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UNDELETED: Deleting a highly upvoted but questionably correct answer (the one with the subjunctive)

In one of the first questions on this site, "If I was" vs "If I were", there are a slew of answers. The question had a somewhat more recent (Feb 2018) spate of activity with a very authoritative, ...
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How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

On deleting low quality single-word-request answers established the consensus that single line answers (SLAs) to single word requests (SWRs) shall be deleted, however the highest-voted answer argues ...
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How can we get more 10k and 20k users to help clean up the site?

The theory is that bad questions get closed and eventually deleted. The problem is that that does not happen: Here are over 2,000 closed questions with negative vote totals that are just sitting ...
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The Just-Deleted Question About Creoles And Mulattos

Someone just asked a question about the difference between Creoles and Mulattos. A user commented some objection on grounds of racism, and the question disappeared within a few minutes of the post. I ...
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When should an answer with a negative score be voted for deletion?

20K users can vote to delete answers with a negative score. In which case should such questions be deleted? Is it enough the answer is utterly wrong? Would not the negative score be enough? The FAQ ...
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Should I stay or should I go; my question clearly went wrong; how wrong?

Should I delete my question despite a legitimate answer and comments? Before writing this I read posts here about deleting and improving questions ("Should I delete my question?" etc.). I didn't get ...
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2 answers

Are answers that only cite personal experience acceptable for questions about dialects?

In general, answers on this site are supposed to have references. This was established early on by the top answers to the following Meta post: Since it isn't in the FAQ, are we as answerers ...
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When should you recommend deletion?

I've recently earned review low quality posts privledges, and I'm wondering when I should recommend posts for deletion. Completely off topic, and spam posts are obviouly appropriate. But for ...
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2 answers

More than three flags are unexpectedly required to delete spam

Our help page incorrectly states that it takes 6 spam / abuse flags to delete a post is a documentation report stating that the mention of six flags is wrong and it should be three. It appears that ...
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2 answers

Question deleted with multiple up-voted answers, why?

Recently there was a question that attracted a lot of answers: Is there a word for a person who can't do things right? Or can't handle things, and ends up messing up? It was nicely coming along. ...
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Why we cannot delete more than 5 posts per day

I wanted to delete some of my questions and answers that were not helpful to others. From my experience, I learned that I could not delete my answer if it had been accepted, and could not delete my ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Why isn't there a deletion comment for 'needs citations'?

At the moment, when on the low-quality posts review queue, the Recommend Deletion options produces the following menu: So often, questions on the LQP queue are acceptable answers but just lack any ...
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1 answer

Why was my VLQ flag rejected?

I flagged an answer as very low quality. The flag was rejected, with the notice: A moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it. The reason I flagged this as VLQ is because. ...
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Can we delete and re-post unanswered questions?

Sometimes questions that seem valid and interesting seem to just pass people by—it has happened to some of my own questions, and I have seen it with other questions too. Often, I think it is a ...
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Should I delete a question if I made a crucial error in it?

Should I delete my question, Description for a verbal tic that is vernacular among young people in the U.S? Should I post a new one? Should I rewrite the original one? I made an important mistake ...
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How many upvotes in the answer would justify leaving a question undeleted

From time to time, I find some interesting questions with one or two delete vote counts. For example: Antonym of “distributed” as in “distributed system” [closed] Even though the question received ...
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Ought cross-posted questions be deleted?

Ought different vs differential (adjectives, not nouns) be deleted here because it was also posed to ELL? Why not just close it? Viewpoints appear to differ. Charles Stewart's answer here in Cross-...
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