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Why is this abusive answer not deleted? I've already raised flags on it - it has -4 votes, but isn't deleted. The question is by a high reputation user here.
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Six votes recommending deletion, but not deleted

This answer to Is there any word for “killing someone by conspiracy”? got into the Low Quality Review queue, where it got six “Recommend Deletion” votes (and no others) and the review is labeled as ...
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2 answers

Should I double up on an LQP review comment?

When reviewing Low-Quality Posts on EL&U I often find that someone has previously reviewed it and posted the relevant comment 'from Review'. When I come to recommending deletion, should I re-post ...
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I don't think this question should have been deleted

This question was deleted this morning: I have three main concerns. I don't think this question should have been closed in the first place, but ...
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