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What should we do about question titles containing vulgar words?

After "What is the difference between 'tits' and 'boobs'?" being censored, it's the turn of "What does 'suck it up ho' means?" to be sanitized. I think we need to come to a consensus. So, what should ...
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How can we encourage more folks to edit?

My question is simple: how can we get more people to edit postings so they look better? There are badges, but it doesn’t seem to work: Awarded Badge Name Type ======= ================== =...
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Does the massive edit to "Playing sports - does swimming count?" really "clarfiy the English question"? If so, for whom?

Sasha asked Playing sports - does swimming count? and indicated her own difficulties with what the question was asking, i.e., (a) I am a professional swimmer, (b) playing sports implies team sports, (...
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What's up with all these dictionary reference edits?

I usually copy the google definition for common words, or link it if I'm using a specific dictionary. But do all word definition answers need to have a dictionary reference link?
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Titles that do not describe the question properly should be edited

Before asking my latest question, I searched for "compound sentence conjunction". Most of the questions' title were so uninformative that I had to click through each time to know whether my question ...
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When a question is interesting but too 'loose', is it better to edit it even if you need to guess, or to vote to close it?

Consider the following question on the main site representative of the questions of interest here: Is the verb "cast" in acting, metalworking and programming the same verb? In essence, I ...
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Does a single typo warrant an edit?

If I see one typo in something, should I edit it? Or does this behavior border on pedantry? An example: "clohes" instead of "clothes." I ask because sometimes I see a typo in a post, but I hesitate ...
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What to do about incorrect edits?

In my answer here I used the word acronym to describe the term ACL, which is a term formed from the first letters of the words Access Control List and is pronounced ā'si'ɛl. According to Difference ...
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Why are anonymous users allowed to propose edits?

(This question didn't have a satisfactory answer) I've been seeing edits that are increasingly vulgur. Here's the latest: I was wondering: is there a reason you're not required to create an account ...
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When (if ever) is it justifiable for an editor to change the entire body of a question while retaining the question title?

The issue comes up in the case of The meaning of the American idiom "pot calling the kettle black" which has just been placed on hold as being off-topic because the body of the question ...
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4 answers

Should I edit my question if the answers indicate that it was the wrong question?

I recently asked this question, Why are names abbreviated in certain books?, and it is clear from the comments and answers that I actually asked the wrong question (i.e., the question should really be ...
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Is editing a very old answer of one's own OK?

One of my old answers has been nagging at me — probably too much time for thought during the pandemic. It needs expansion, not so much with the English but about the context, which is archaic Greek ...
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Why does an edit have to be at least 6 characters? [duplicate]

The 6-character minimum requirement for edits means that you can't fix spelling errors in a post. What is the reasoning behind this?
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"Edits" That Change the OP's Meaning

In July, I answered a post about a comma (Using "which" without a comma) The user accepted my answer and the question disappeared. Last night, edits to the question change the tone of this ...
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Should I flag a poor answer as not an answer?

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm torn on the abilities I now have and know I can edit an answer, flag an answer, and downvote an answer (or ignore). I don't really want to flag ...
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Should we limit the number of edits per day on old questions?

Editing a question has the effect of bumping it on top of the front page. Should we limit the number of edits done on old questions? Bumping forty old questions in the front page has just the effect ...
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Reputation for editing questions

I think it could be months before people can edit questions and start fixing things like "english" instead of "English." While the site is still new, can the rules on who can edit questions be ...
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First proposal tag wiki rejected

I added an informative text to a tag which had no excerpt. (click to see the case, should be publicly available) To me this seems a reasonable excerpt which is not superfluous, not harming ...
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When a user changes your edits back to their original, pre-edit form

I noticed that a user posted an answer that was obviously grammatically incorrect, so I decided to make an edit/correction, and question where they had found the definition and why they would put it ...
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