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This tag is for questions about English Language Learners, which is another site in SE network concerned with English language, but with a somewhat different scope.

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Problematic migrations to ELL (an ongoing thing)

Why does ELU keep migrating this type of question? Are they too cowardly to close them? A recurrent issue on ELL. It's like we are the poor relation that can have the awful questions dumped on us. See ...
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Artificial Intelligence to Detect ELL worthy questions

Having successfully transitioned from being an English language learner to an appreciator of the language, I am part of both the ELL and this stack exchange. And I am proud to be part of both vibrant ...
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Which users have close vote privileges both here and on ELL?

Not too long ago, I unlocked the cast close and reopen votes privilege... on ELL. Here on ELU I've had that privilege for a pretty long time, since I just recently unlocked the very last privilege (...
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Removal of both the [grammar] tag and its mention in the ELU tour and help center pages

Issues with the grammar tag have been discussed for years now: 12 April 2011 29 January 2015 It seems the general consensus is that the tag is problematic as best and blacklisting it was brought up ...
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Split migration off from the closure tree?

There has been a string of meta questions about ELU migrating low quality questions to ELL. The most recent was this one. This question stems directly from that one. To help prevent poor questions ...
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4 answers

Please don't migrate obviously off-topic questions to ELL - it just makes things harder on the author

This isn't a complaint about the overall migration of questions from EL&U. I think taken as a whole, the migration path is a positive thing. I have started to see a few real stinkers getting ...
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On the recently-migrated question "Need help with understanding the sentence"

... which is now on ELL : After the following comment by the OP: I personally agree with the second option (...
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Flagging a Question as a Duplicate of an ELL Question

I came across this question today and was going to flag it, but I wasn't sure what flag category to use. It is fairly basic, so it likely belongs on ELL. However, in the comments, a user mentions a ...
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2 answers

What should be done with "Another" vs "other"?

So I noticed that there is a bit of an editing dispute between Rathony and CuriousDanii regarding the question "Another" vs "other" regarding which version of the question should ...
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ELL ad is out of date

The ad for English Language Learners has the old speech bubble with ELL in it, instead of the new picture. Will you update it? Here is the answer on the Promotional Ads 2016 post.
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3 answers

One answer to a Q. is suited to ELL, but the other answer is suited to EL&U

This question: dogs, not cats -> why 'not' originated in EL&U, but was migrated to ELL. I agree that the original question and the first (my) answer are probably more appropriate to ELL than EL&...
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107 votes
3 answers

A friendly reminder: ELL is not EL&U's trash can

We've been getting a lot of migrations to ELL lately. That's actually fine by me – I think a lot of them are okay on ELL, even if they're not suitable for EL&U. The two sites have different ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What should and shouldn't be migrated to ELL? [duplicate]

I looked around meta and I was surprised that there hasn't been a discussion (I could find) that tries to delineate what should and shouldn't be considered on topic for ELL but not ELU. Obviously the ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Extraordinary spike in low-quality questions by 1 rep users

I can't keep up with them, the brand new users who have 1 rep. There's too many, they're swarming the site and often their questions consist of one or two lines with no context. All the following ...
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1 answer

What should we do about closed questions that should be migrated?

I have been part of ELU for about a month and a half, and I have seen many questions closed (usually as unclear but sometimes other reasons) that should have been migrated to ELL. The vast majority of ...
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42 votes
9 answers

Should we have a migration path to ELL?

I know that this has been discussed before but, at the time, it was not possible since ELL was still in beta. Now that it has graduated and has had its first mod elections and everything, it might be ...
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Add flag reason: should be closed and migrated to ELL

(Edit -- I just discovered that I posted a working draft by accident yesterday, so am doing a substantial re-write. At least half of my draft was missing from what got posted. Note, this was due to ...
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1 answer

Cross-posting simultaneously on ELU and ELL

There is currently a question posted on both ELL and EL&U as "an experiment" in the words of the poster of one of the questions: I have plariarised your question, kind of, here. It's really an ...
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Should we migrate a lot of the single-word-requests (and more?) to ELL?

Today I wanted to ask a single-word-request, but was unsure whether to go to ELU or ELL. After requesting clarification about this on chat, I got redirected to this question on meta.ELL.SE, which if ...
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2 answers

A simple proposal towards improving question quality

Encouraging Better Questions I would like to encourage the asking of better, more substantial questions. Every day we receive many brief, low-quality questions that are unlikely to elicit anything ...
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3 answers

What to do about good questions, that have bad grammar or poor English?

This question relates to the wider theme of a lot of ELL questions being asked here. Meta discussion here: What kind of questions do you want? For example this is the current state of this question: ...
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2 answers

An English language learner better not ask in this site? [duplicate]

An English language learner better not ask in this site? I asked this question and it had been closed as off-topic(it was reopened). Some members seem to have an opinion that a learner better not ask ...
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35 votes
7 answers

"This question appears to be off topic because it is better asked on ELL."

A bit of background before I begin: I am a moderator on ELL, and I admit to not being entirely familiar with what is and isn't on-topic here on ELU. I am posting this discussion because I see a trend ...
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5 answers

Continued recommendations that things be moved to ELL

I've seen a number of questions (including one of mine) receive comments along the lines of "this would be a more appropriate question for the English Language Learners (ELL) site". While I understand ...
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3 answers

Is it okay to flag a question for migration to a beta site

The question A confusing use of a negative seems like it belongs on English Language Learners. I was considering flagging it for moderator attention and choosing a custom reason to say this. But I'm ...
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1 answer

Wordreference cross-posting

@Listenever's question count on ELU has increased to a couple per day and appears to be even higher on ELL. While this is perfectly fine, s/he appears to be cross-posting questions on wordreference....
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What's the status of ELL relative to ELU?

Since English Language Learners beta is up & running (in "private" mode, whatever that means), is it now reasonable to close and/or migrate questions like When is it correct to use no and nope? I ...
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