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Reasons for dupe-close on question with the tag question-tag?

Can someone tell me why this question on question-tags was closed as a duplicate of this other one? As far as I can tell, the new question (though not particularly well-written by the standards of ...
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Is not liking the answer given for an existing question a reason enough to ask a duplicate/similar question?

Past tense of RSVP Past participle of a verb created from an acronym The OP of the first question declares he asked a different question because he didn't like the accepted answer given in the other ...
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Should a moderator merge the questions about the pronunciation of the name "Sean"?

Why do we pronounce Dean as /diːn/ but Sean as /ʃɒn/? Why is Sean pronounced Shawn? I think I was the first one to vote for closing the first as a duplicate of the second, and now I feel stupid for ...
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