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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - English

Stack Exchange recently started a collaboration project with the University of Melbourne, in an attempt to improve the automatic detection of duplicate questions. More information on the project and ...
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Question about English vowels prematurely closed as duplicate

I dispute that this question is really a duplicate: The duplicate question to which the asker is referred ...
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Duplicate question, but original doesn't exist

(Based on "How to challenge a duplicate closing," it seems posting a query here is how to do it...) "How to pronounce letter “e” in new invented brand names? (in fictional words)" is merged as it is ...
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Reasons for dupe-close on question with the tag question-tag?

Can someone tell me why this question on question-tags was closed as a duplicate of this other one? As far as I can tell, the new question (though not particularly well-written by the standards of ...
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Etiquette on duplicate questions

Sometimes we may miss a previous post that contains the answer to one of our questions or even miss an identical previous question. Do you recommend: Deleting the question (what would happen to ...
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This isn't a duplicate

I asked a question recently about synonyms that appear to be antonyms, and whether there is a specific name for such word pairs. It was closed as a duplicate of a question asking why such words are ...
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How to treat borderline duplicate questions?

Examples here: Does the "@" symbol have a name? Edgar Gonzalez asks specifically for a one-word name. What do you call a noun that precedes and describes another noun? In addition to the ...
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Is not liking the answer given for an existing question a reason enough to ask a duplicate/similar question?

Past tense of RSVP Past participle of a verb created from an acronym The OP of the first question declares he asked a different question because he didn't like the accepted answer given in the other ...
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How to challenge a duplicate closing?

If a question is closed as duplicate, but other readers do not believe it to be so, what is the recommended course of action? Is it: Ask a question about that question on meta (like this)? Or, Flag ...
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Which is the duplicate?

What is the plural of the word “index”? asked Sep 16 '10 [on this site]. Indexes or Indices? asked Jun 16 '09, migrated from 3 hours ago. Clearly these are duplicates of each other,...
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Redundant duplicates obviated by general references

The question, What's a word for “to eliminate the need for”?, has been voted as a duplicate of Is there a word that means “make someone (or something) redundant”? which is itself closed as a general ...
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What do I do when I see an older duplicate question?

I have read Etiquette on duplicate questions , but it doesn't give me practical advice about what to do. I have been trying to track down all questions like "do I need a hyphen in the one handed ...
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Should I pre-empt accusations to stop dupehammer time?

A friend of mine learning English misused "peoples". While I was able to explain to her how to use "person", "people" and "peoples" (I decided not to mention "persons"), I realised that I didn't have ...
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Should a moderator merge the questions about the pronunciation of the name "Sean"?

Why do we pronounce Dean as /diːn/ but Sean as /ʃɒn/? Why is Sean pronounced Shawn? I think I was the first one to vote for closing the first as a duplicate of the second, and now I feel stupid for ...
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The strange bug: Sorry, this is a duplicate of

I have got a bug. I have used other web browsers - the same problem, so it seams that it's server side restriction. Please, could anybody help me. Any tricks or tips are welcome!
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Should the following question have a proper answer?

I am re-editing this post hoping to convey the sense of my request: This recent question has been closed as a duplicate but IMO the issue appears to be still open and needs a more definitive answer....
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