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Is there a formatting convention when referencing a document name, or otherwise similar "object"/attachment?

As a tangent from my original task of finding out how to underline text when posting on Stack Exchange sites, I came across this answer. I've followed the same set of formatting conventions for a ...
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Why doesn't a letter show up when enclosed in < and >?

I've just discovered that the answer I had given on EL&U was missing something. When I pressed the edit button, I saw that I had written a V and enclosed in < and > i.e. < v > (...
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How to duplicate formatting of dictionary extract, with italics?

When I quote from an online dictionary I like to duplicate the formatting as much as possible. When using standard > block quoting I can't find a way to have a new line without inserting a blank ...
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Changes to block quotes in the pipeline

For some reference as to how block quotes used to look like on EL&U before the the theme was overhauled, see English Language & Usage's updated site theme is ready for testing! and Make ...
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How the heck do you do superscript (and subscript)?

I have been trying to reformat a recent post which calls for superscript to a footnote, and I will be danged if I can see how to do it without getting into (sup) with the little wedgie thingies — ...
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Inconsistent link treatment in old answers under the new design?

When one of my old answers receives an upvote or a downvote, I go back and reread the posted answer—mainly because the elapsed time enables me to approach the post as an editor rather than as its ...
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How do I underline in this forum?

I am trying to post a quote as part of a question. The quote includes a portion of a sentence that is underlined and I can't see how to do that here. It isn't under Styling/Headers, and I've tried [u]...
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How can we use small caps in our posts?

How can we get small capitals to appear in our answer posts? There is no guidance that I can find anywhere. Here's some that I've copied and pasted, but I can't actually get small caps to appear in ...
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Election candidate statistics overlap candidate's user card, plus sprite CSS problem

There is a display problem on the current election page. Information overlaps the "user card" and hurts legibility. Compare (bad):           To better from the current ...
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Related tags don't have thousands separators

The tagged questions pages (for example) show a count of questions at the top, like "8,279 questions tagged". Below is a list of related tags, and their counts. However, the counts are missing commas ...
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Citing sources of sentences

This question was recently asked “She ran… , her nose pressed against the glass” Are the actions simultaneous or consecutive?. Edwin Ashworth (correctly in my opinion) asked the OP for surrounding ...
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Is there a happy medium for editing of post formatting?

This question arose from What are the commonly accepted guidelines specific to this site (2015)?. User A has a strong aesthetic ideal of what posts should look like, in terms of colors, bold, ...
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Is there a way of writing subscript in one's answer (or question)?

Is there a way to write subscript on EL&U?
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Use of Block-quotes in Formatting Q & A's

When to use block-quotes, and when to not use block-quotes. Can someone clarify?
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Is there a way to write an "empty field"?

It is quite common (especially in the single-word-request tag) to want an "empty field" for example phrases: "Having children of my own ________ me" Since markdown uses underscores for formatting, ...
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Is MLA on-topic?

There seems to be a general consensus that questions (like this one) which ask about how to fit your text within MLA (or other stylebooks) are off-topic, since both 'what MLA mandates' and 'the way ...
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5 answers

About formatting ellipses

So there is a debate about how to edit ellipses in posts on the site. This has come to a head in this latest post. Here is what needs to be decided as an official policy so that we don't end up with ...
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Measuring typographical emphasis: the “lawler” and “lawler weight”

RegDwighт said: @Robusto wow, that's formatting to the max. Bold and italics and monospaced and in quotes. John has outlawlered himself.¹ It occurs to me that this is something we can measure. I ...
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Should we fix backticks?

I would still like to look into doing this, because it is tedious in the extreme to edit every single instance of misused backticks into italics, and because almost no one ever fixes these. Therefore ...
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Proposal to add small-capitals formatting directive

I propose that a new formatting directive be added to access the font’s small capitals. For example, <smcaps>some text</smcaps> would work, but I encourage discussion on any syntactic ...
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Why can't we format question titles?

It would be nice if italics were possible in question titles; is there a reason why we aren't able to?
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Is there a way to format a single letter within a word

On EL&U it would sometimes be interesting to emphasize only one letter in the word (or just a part of the word), however attempting cr**ust** does not give cr⁠ust⁠ but cr*ust* (the ...
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Formatting comments is such a hassle

In this question: Helper: loose vs. lose I added a comment with the following markup: clarification: by “should be pronounced *loss*” do you mean “should rhyme with *dose*” or “should rhyme with *...
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What's the best way to format quotes within quotes?

If the source you are quoting itself contains a quote, how would do you format it? You can double up the greater-than signs (>>), but I don't find this sort of double quote clear or pleasing on ...
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Is there a way for formatting my questions and answers?

Other people have such beautifully formatted questions and answers, and I have to do it basic HTML. Are there any special keys you have to use in order to have a 'touched up' post? and can someone ...
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On Users page, location is truncated even though horizontal space is used for tags

The user-location span doesn’t use all the available width in the user-info div, though the user-tags div does, thus: CSS bug?
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Review page instructions overflow their box

I just took a look at, and there's an oops:
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Strange behavior of Markdown with links in comments

I don't know if you're using a customized version of Markdown on this site, but it behaves really strangely in the comments. For example, here is the proper behaviour on questions and answers: ...
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