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Election candidate statistics overlap candidate's user card, plus sprite CSS problem

There is a display problem on the current election page. Information overlaps the "user card" and hurts legibility. Compare (bad):           To better from the current ...
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Measuring typographical emphasis: the “lawler” and “lawler weight”

RegDwighт said: @Robusto wow, that's formatting to the max. Bold and italics and monospaced and in quotes. John has outlawlered himself.¹ It occurs to me that this is something we can measure. I ...
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What's the best way to format quotes within quotes?

If the source you are quoting itself contains a quote, how would do you format it? You can double up the greater-than signs (>>), but I don't find this sort of double quote clear or pleasing on ...
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Is there a happy medium for editing of post formatting?

This question arose from What are the commonly accepted guidelines specific to this site (2015)?. User A has a strong aesthetic ideal of what posts should look like, in terms of colors, bold, ...
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