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For discussion about questions appearing on and being removed from Hot Network Questions list.

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Are crazy icons here to stay?

Am I the only on ELU whose icons are all shifted, some to the point that it is difficult to tell which is which? The issue has been raised on META where they mention a temporary problem when new SE ...
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Why are some questions removed from the HNQ list very quickly?

I've noticed that some questions don't last very long in the HNQ list. For example, this question, Where does the "dysfunctional or broken" meaning of the word "demic" come from? ...
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8 votes
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What should ELU's criteria be for removing a question from the HNQ list?

In the announcement of changes to the Hot Network Questions list (HNQ), it says: We're putting the power in the hands of our moderators to remove questions that don't set a good example for their ...
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Why was this question removed from the HNQ list?

I would like to know why What is the origin of "playing into someone's hands"? was removed from the HNQ1 list. According to the guidance given in this post In general, we recommend that ...
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