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Community wiki answer changes to normal on migration?

My recent community wiki answer on ELU, on migration to ELL, changed to normal. Is this normal? It's possible that some people on ELL will think that I'm copypasting others' comments for rep.
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"et al" usage question migration

Someone recently asked a question on Academia related to the usage of "et al" in a sentence. We closed it as off-topic, and we want to know whether it's fit for a migration to your site.
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Split migration off from the closure tree?

There has been a string of meta questions about ELU migrating low quality questions to ELL. The most recent was this one. This question stems directly from that one. To help prevent poor questions ...
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Should we migrate this (closed) duplicate question to ELL?

The question Word to describe the list of people that I have a crush, love, and lust was closed here as Primarily Opinion Based. Meanwhile, the asker cross-posted the nearly identical question to ...
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