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Could we have this header on the mobile site?

We have two versions of the header on the mobile version: The standard main site one: And another one, visible in the help pages and review queues Could the alternative header be made default? Why: ...
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9 votes
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iPhone display is (almost) identical for EL&U and ELL

I am bereft of my laptop. Until recently, a friend of mine had lent me his mini computer while my laptop gathered dust at a friend of a friend's house who had promised to fix it. The lender has ...
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Mobile paginated search results broken

On the mobile site, Safari on iPhone Clicking on the page 2 button or next button takes me to
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Multiple bounty dialogues

EDIT: It appears each click on the "start a bounty" link simply opens another bounty box. The position of the new box seems to depend entirely on where the page is scrolled when "start a bounty" is ...
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