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I'm sometimes unsure about whether to answer a simple grammatical question or to suggest that it is more appropriate for ELL. What are the criteria?

[Before asking this question here on Meta, I did search for duplicates. There are similar questions, but I found no exact duplicates. If they do exist, please direct me to them, and I will delete this ...
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Update the "list of community recommended resources"

Quoting from the help center: Where can I find answers to simple and basic questions? If your question is simple and can probably be easily answered by looking it up, then you may find common online ...
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Is asking for people to think up new specific words on topic?

Regarding this question: I need a word for my obscure phobia for hard, smooth structures The questioner seems to realize that his situation is... unique and all the answers are just trying to create ...
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Please consider reopening my question

My question is closed as off-topic. First, my question is not so elementary. It is not about the usual use of past perfect as in When I came up with the idea of climbing all the statues taller than ...
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What process is required to get the Help Center text changed?

Recently, I voted to close this question Can anybody understand what she's saying? (it was subsequently deleted by the original poster) based on the answers to this Meta question: Exactly WHY is this ...
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Should questions about the meaning of metaphors be on-topic?

A large number of questions on ELL are asking for the meaning of metaphors. Many are from song lyrics or poetry, about which there are a number of meta questions. Some are from literature, most ...
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On Migrating and Dispatching: redirecting off-topic question from and to EL&U.

Following the recent complaints concerning the growth of the Stack Exchange Family and where to ask questions, I think it would make sense to help the users and moderators to find the right place for ...
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How to avoid an "opinion based" question regarding listening comprehension?

As a non-native English speaker I pronounce "bomb", "climb", "thumb" etc... with a clear B at the end. I know I shouldn't, but it's automatic. So, I was interested in ...
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Are questions asking definitions about tech stuff on-topic?

I want to ask what the difference is in common English usage between two particular words having to do with Internet browsers.
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Do word/phrase requests need to say what word class they want?

Taking this recent question as an example, word/phrase request questions frequently get answers for many different word classes. It has several verbs and adjectives, and 'tooth and nail' would be an ...
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When are list-questions on topic?

Perhaps this is a bit too broad a question, but we'll see. Here goes. Right now, the consensus seems to be that list-question SWRs are opinion-based or too broad (and thus off-topic). List-question ...
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Why was my question closed as 'off-topic'?

I recently asked this question on ELU: Should there be a comma in "You again?"? The answer to this question may be obvious to some of you, but for me, it isn't. I tried searching on ELU and ...
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What is the reason that this question is considered as 'off-topic'?

I posted the below question, and there were a couple of helpful answers. Is 'dead on arrival' a slang? As of now, this question has been closed as an 'off-topic' question. https://english....
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What makes a question about historical usage of a word off-topic?

The question about the historical usage of men to refer to human beings generally was closed as off-topic. It seems to fall under usage and perhaps even etymology, two of the listed acceptable topics....
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Would the following question be on-topic?

Alright, I wonder whether a question like the following would be deemed on-topic. I am posting below the question as it would appear on the actual site. The opening credits for episodes of TV ...
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endure, perdure, persist: why not keep open?

Closure should not necessarily follow Protection, nor should Deletion necessarily follow Closure. These are three independent steps. “endure” vs “perdure” vs “persist” was protected 23 hours ago, ...
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Is letter-writing still on topic?

Is the letter-writing tag still something we want to do? This answer says that letter-writing is more on-topic than the email tag, but that was 2 years ago, and Interpersonal Skills started as public ...
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I'm asking about how to make a math expression from (ambigous) phrase. Is this off-topic?

This is my question: “3 times a is increased by b” vs “3 times a increased by b” As I stated in a comment to SrJoven, this question is not about how to read (or speak) a mathematical expression, it ...
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