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This tag is used for questions about whether something fits within the defined scope of this Stack Exchange site.

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Closing questions about how to improve writing

Tips on improving one's English are off-topic for the site. I wanted to make sure that people feel the same way about the following writing related questions that RegDwight brought to my attention: ...
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Does this sort of question qualify as proofreading?

In this question, the person is simply asking "what is wrong with this sentence"? It is not a question about a specific aspect of the sentence, and I am wondering if people think this should qualify ...
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1 answer

Is it on-topic to ask about the explanation of crossword clues

Question as above. I dont mean asking for the answer, but the explanation of the answer Example - this clue. Rush animal from behind Answer: Reed Eventually figured out both the meanings - but ...
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On Migrating and Dispatching: redirecting off-topic question from and to EL&U.

Following the recent complaints concerning the growth of the Stack Exchange Family and where to ask questions, I think it would make sense to help the users and moderators to find the right place for ...
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Trying to find a word from loose pronunciation?

Would it be allowed to ask if a word exist which would loosely correspond to an IPA? Would such a question be on-topic, or off-topic? For example, Is there a word or combination of words that ...
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Does this question qualify as off-topic peeving?

This question solicits the most annoying mispronunciations people have heard. My initial reaction is that this is not suitable for EL&U — but I wanted to check with everyone else before ...
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Are word requests allowed?

Is it okay to use this site to ask for words that fit a given definition? Dictionaries are great for looking up definitions if you know the word you're looking up, but not the other way around. I'm ...
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18 answers

What questions are on-topic and off-topic here?

One of the essential components of the FAQ will be the list of on-topic and off-topic subjects for questions. Let’s use this question to vote on what topics should be on and off topic.
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Is this site for "English as a second language"?

I'd like to seek clarification on "English as a second language" questions. E.g. When should the word “...
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