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List of most useful NLP resources and tools

We already have lists of general-reference resources, one on meta and a larger one on main. For the most part, these are things like dictionaries and thesauri, not actual tools related to natural ...
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Where can I find an English dictionary that I can search by number of syllables, transitive/intransitive, and other grammatical markers?

I need to find lists of English words that meet certain criteria, such as having a certain number of syllables, or being intransitive verbs. Is there an online English dictionary that will allow me to ...
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Is there an online speech comparison programme

I work as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. There is a language sample for the textbook- the school (and nearly every teacher) is super boring about using the textbook. They'd like me to sound ...
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Any online English dictionaries listing the previous pronunciation of words?

I am interested to know the pronunciation of words in the past fifty years or so. Does anyone know any online dictionaries which list the former pronunciation of words in English language?
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Finding synonymous alliterations

Any recommendations on an online alliteration generator that searches through synonyms of two (or more) given words? That seems to have been how Something of something alliteration generator worked, ...
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Looking for an online tool which provides a frequency of usage of any search phrase/sentence provided using large corpus of online text

I am looking for an online service which provides the frequency of a search phrase across all the literature in English that there is. Hopefully billions of lines of text. For example, if the phrase ...
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Platform for online group classes

I'd like to attend some group classes online to improve my speaking. My goal is to take a test like IELTS or TOEFL. Do you guys know any platform that offers online group classes with a well ...
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What's the preferred way to cite The Chicago Manual of Style?

I'm wondering if there are guidelines or common practices for citations to style guides that I haven't been able to find searching meta-ELU. Perhaps it's a non-issue and I've only thought about it ...
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A service that delivers common vocabulary daily?

I have subscribed to Merriam Webster,, and a few other online dictionaries to send me words daily, but frankly, they send me vocabulary that I have never come across in my life and ...
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What is a good resource for how American women talked in the 1940s?

You can find some pretty good diaries for men, from the war. But I'm not sure what a reliable source is for female American vernacular of the '40s. Movies of the time sanitize conversations, and use ...
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