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15 votes
3 answers

Is SE enforcing "no answers in comments"?

The practice of commenting with answers is ubiquitous practice on ELU, and the merits/flaws have been discussed at length. However, is it the case that the greater SE is trying to put a stop to this ...
40 votes
4 answers

Announcement: AI generated answers are officially banned here

It's really quite unbelievable, but artificial intelligence has recently gotten to the point where, given a question, it can give a stunningly coherent answer almost indistinguishable from a real ...
4 votes
6 answers

Proposal for a policy on mentioning slurs

When I say "mention" or "mentioning" I mean it as in the "use/mention distinction". When I say "slur" I mean A derogatory or insulting term applied to ...
19 votes
4 answers

Is Google Dictionary a valid definition reference (in particular in answers)?

In my answer to this question, another user was adamant that Google is not a citable source and that that is a policy of ELU. The link given as evidence for that was Is TFD a RTFM online source? - a ...
6 votes
1 answer

What is the current policy for answering questions?

The Issues I encountered two related issues within the last 24 hours. I'm only using these instances to highlight what some contributers who do not have a high reputation get met with. Earlier ...
5 votes
1 answer

Is there a policy about political messages in usernames?

Is there a policy about political messages in usernames? Of course the answer should be the same regardless of whether I agree with the message. The question applies in general. This time it was ...
53 votes
2 answers

Support for Monica Cellio

Monica Cellio, an active and valued member here for years and a moderator on several other sites, was abruptly dismissed last month, without any reason given but apparently because Stack Overflow (the ...
14 votes
4 answers

What is the best way to answer a question which has no answer?

What is the preferred way to answer a question which asks “Provide me with X”, when it is overwhelmingly likely that X does not exist? Assumptions Assume the question is interesting on its own ...
11 votes
3 answers

What is plagiarism? How do I avoid it? How do I address it when I see it?

The purpose of this question is to clarify how plagiarism is defined for the English Language & Usage Stack Exchange, and how the community can respond appropriately to plagiarism when it is ...
10 votes
2 answers

Deleted Upvoted and Popular Question: Why?

The question is now Undeleted I am very grateful to tchrist, who undeleted the post. P.S. Several answers, consisting of one liners, have been deleted because they fail to reflect the site's ...
6 votes
1 answer

Why must we assume that earlier answers are better, especially when they are not even related?

This concerns a specific example of a more general procedural issue that bothers me. A recent question is headed Idioms for a 'obvious' or 'needs no explanation'. Its well-stated core is a matter of ...
13 votes
4 answers

When definitions are linked to, is copy-pasting the definitions required?

This comment says that I have to copy in definitions for words when responding to single-word-requests etc. There seems to be some discussion about this on meta but no definitive answers. This ...