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Use this tag to dispute or discuss questions that have been closed.

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Data-driven approach to closure policy

I quite admired the very data-oriented answer to a recent meta question in the ongoing closure war, and now I feel encouraged to ask a data-directed meta question. Is the probability of a question ...
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Close reason. Unclear

My meta-question is about this question Please pardon me for any mistake and kindly correct me. I believe Unclear is synonymous with Vague. I do not understand how is my question vague. Am I not ...
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Please reopen the question about the meaning of 'wong'

I think the following question recently posted by a new user should be reopened: Why is "wong" a bad word? The meaning the OP is looking for is not present in any available online ...
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Why do some people have negative opinions against questions on Shakespeare's works?

Here are some questions I asked on Shakespeare's Hamlet. As you can see, they received some negative comments, downvotes, and close votes. I wonder why. Do they dislike Shakepeare's works? It's okay ...
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How to improve "How did 'despite' semantically shift to signify 'without being affected by something'?"?

I'm uncertain why it was voted to close after my edits. How can I clarify or improve How did 'despite' semantically shift to signify 'without being affected by something'??
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Can we get this unlinked?

Word that describes a stand in or a frontman? was referred to another question, Word for Powerless Position?, which apparently did not answer the question, as the questioner selected my response as ...
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How does my question need to be "more focused"?

How does Why are service or maintenance contracts called 'warranties', when they aren't Legal Warranties? "needs to be more focused"? I asked two questions. Do you want me to ...
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Moderators' policy on bullying

I would like to know the moderators' policy on bullying. It seems easy to bully a user. For it takes only 5 users who have sufficient reps to close a question.
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