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Questions tagged [question-restrictions]

Use this tag for questions and discussions about restricting types of questions, question topics, and specific text within a question's title or body.

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26 votes
0 answers

Why isn’t “Please help” on our titular stoplist?

We just got in rapid succession these two soi-disant “questions” over on main: Please help to interpret Please help me with this sentence Strictly speaking as questions go, those are imperatives not ...
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22 votes
9 answers

Please vote on this proposal to ban from question titles certain words whose posts we usually end up closing and deleting

In reaction to high failure rates of questions with titles containing the word "problem", the Stack Overflow community long ago forbade these. You couldn't ask a new question with the word "problem" ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Do we want to enable post limits?

The question of posting limitations was brought up several months ago, wherein we learned that there are post limits for some SE sites and not for others. We learned that the limitations are 6 ...
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