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Is changing quotation marks from German style to English style a constructive edit?

Would exchanging quotation marks in the German tradition for conventional English quotation marks be considered a constructive edit on English Language & Usage? This is what I mean by German style ...
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Make blockquotes inside blockquotes better distinguishable

Given the nature of this site, it happens that one wants to quote something that contains a blockquote itself, e.g., as an example sentence. For example: A run-on sentence is something like this: I ...
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Is posting an embedded image as part of the answer (e.g. for a word definition) against the site rules?

I'm not asking about the pros and cons of this (that's a different question) but rather simply whether or not this is permitted. If it is explicitly permitted or disallowed, please provide a ...
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How to duplicate formatting of dictionary extract, with italics?

When I quote from an online dictionary I like to duplicate the formatting as much as possible. When using standard > block quoting I can't find a way to have a new line without inserting a blank ...
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How to ask a question seeking a quotation?

I need a quote from or about the Christmas Truce of 1914. I asked on History SE and have so far not gotten any reasonable bites. Is it possible to reframe this to post on ELU? (I would of course ...
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