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Why does the drop-down menu show a reputation difference of 2 points?

In the past days, I noticed that the drop-down menu shows a reputation gain for the day that is different from what reported in the reputation page for that day. For example, today the drop-down menu ...
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Is it a flaw that you can still downvote with effect on the reputation when the question was closed already?

Yesterday I asked a question which was downvoted and subsequently closed - Fair enough: What is not ...
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1 answer

Is there a way I can view the sum of my theoretical meta rep?

I know I can do a query, but that only updates every month or so, and right now it's stuck at 70, which doesn't help. I could also do the math, looking at this page (133 total), but that could ...
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How do I add a comment?

I have seen people add a comment but I can't see that link anywhere in my questions. Is there a need for a certain amount of reputation to comment?
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Why do people need more reputation for EL&U for the same privileges than on some other SE sites?

For instance, my 500+ reputation would allow me to cast close and open votes on a number of Stackexchange sites. Here, it requires 3000. Why is that?
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The user drop down menu shows a wrong reputation change

My drop down menu shows a change in my reputation of +1, but when click on the reputation link, the page I am taken to shows a different reputation change. The last reputation change is from ...
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On the main site, upvotes aren't giving a reputation change

I apologize for the small picture. There are some of my answers that have been up/down-voted (more up than down), but there is no "+#" next to my two most recent posts. One has 4 upvotes, the other ...
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The drop-down menu seems to report a wrong reputation increase

My drop-down menu reports that my reputation increased by 5. When I click on 5, I am taken to the following page. Both the votes are votes on answers. How can my reputation be increased of 5 points,...
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Green block for days with accepted answers

My reputation page displays the following in Chrome and FireFox (both for Mac): It appears there's a little css issue for days that have accepted answers where both the score and the background are ...
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5 answers

Why allow comments only when rep > 50?

I really want to comment on this post and want a clarification on an answer that has been posted there. Unfortunately, I do not have enough reputation to leave comments. That leaves me with two ...
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Can we have a feature to opt-out of "reputation"

Personally I dislike all the game-mechanics stuff (badges and reputation). I appreciate that others like it, but I would like there to be way to opt-out. Questions and answers would just then have the ...
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English Language and Usage slowing down

Today I got an email from SE English Language and Usage. I was congratulated of being one of the top users this month (October). Looking at the stats I saw something rather disturbing. While in the ...
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