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Does the community think that we need a 'grammar, but too basic for ELU: almost any book on grammar will answer this clearly' close-vote reason?

A recent question on ELU: Is a noun always preceded by a determiner? I believe that this is so easily answered by looking at virtually any book on grammar (it could be argued that even dictionaries ...
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What resources do I need to consult before asking a question?

Many Stack Exchange sites require that users do some research before asking a question. Does English Language & Usage have such a policy? If yes, what resources should users consult before asking ...
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Replacing our "research" close reason: Completed

Update: Closing remarks The phrasing I suggested in an answer below is now live: Background We have a massive problem with close votes. There's no sense in placing blame — we've been on this path ...
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What is a good resource for how American women talked in the 1940s?

You can find some pretty good diaries for men, from the war. But I'm not sure what a reliable source is for female American vernacular of the '40s. Movies of the time sanitize conversations, and use ...
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Has anything changed regarding voting to close for lack of research?

A recent question asked Is it valid to use "We will be pending for her return" instead of, for example: " We look forward to her return"? I was going to vote to close but then I noticed a comment ...
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What is the appropriate state of this question regarding feminizing girls?

Is there any verb for making a girl more girly? is closed, but I am having difficulty placing my finger on just why that is. I am not suggesting that it is a great question, but it does seem to meet ...
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Replace "Please show the research you've done" with a clear threshold requirement

Following on from this comment from Sven Yargs, I think we should consider making it clear to users what research we expect. I often see a poorly researched question and assume the research would be ...
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Why are etymology questions that show research getting/staying closed?

I noticed that the community doesn't really agree with itself on the subject of what's on topic and off topic when it comes to the amount of research needed. I'm seeing this on questions that would ...
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Would you support systematic testing of proposed quality improvement methods?

TL;DR: Shall we support systematic A/B (and similar) testing of QI (Quality Improvement) proposals, or would advocating for such research simply lead to frustration, i.e., would it be an exercise in ...
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Has the insufficient research close reason been retired?

I don't mean to pick on any of our users or mods, but I must admit that I do not see the merit in answering this question when it showed zero evidence of research: Within or inside? (it has since been ...
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How does the current version of the "cyan" pronunciation question not show research?

How is "cyan" pronounced and where is the stress? Note that the question covers both the pronunciation of the vowel and the position of the stress. I edited this post to quote dictionaries, ...
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Should we require grammaticality judgement questions to explain who told them something might not be grammatical?

Seeing as we're discussing potential revisions to the close questions, I thought I'd raise a pet hate of mine: questions asking for a grammaticality judgement which don't explain where they got the ...
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How much research is needed?

Please advise or enlighten me if such guidance already exists. For example, for this question, I sought to record my thoughts and opinions on how to gloss that sentence. Yet it was still closed as `...
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