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Questions about finding resources for learning or researching the English language.

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What good reference works on English are available?

Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. What good reference works on English are available, and what kinds of questions are they good at answering? General ...
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Where can I ask for free proofreading?

I know that proofreading is prohibited in this site. However, I'd like to ask if there are free online websites to do that. I remember once there was a website where I can help people in Spanish/...
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Common accepted online resources [duplicate]

What would be well-known, and in a certain measure reliable, online resources that should be checked before asking a question, or that could help with answering questions? I've got a few listed that ...
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What sort of resource request questions do we accept on meta?

We often migrate resource request questions to meta, and there's no denying that some resources are very useful to the users of this community. Here's my attempt at broadly categorising these ...
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How trustworthy is WordNet?

I was browsing old questions and answers and bumped into an odd scenario: Can “paper bag” mean any bag?. An excerpt from the accepted answer: Almost all on-line dictionaries define paper bag as: ...
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What is the point of migrating all resource requests to Meta?

There are a couple of resource requests that were recently migrated to ELU Meta (e.g Is there an online speech comparison programme, What are some good and authoritative reference/data source for ...
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RIP Oxford “living” Dictionaries

Don't know when this happened, but Oxford Living Dictionaries is no more. It is now called Lexico (powered by Oxford) whatever that means… Tsk! You'd think they'd have the decency to consult us ...
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As a native English speaker, what source should I use to teach non-native speakers writing?

They ask me about the grammar and I don't know how to explain. So I need a book to teach me how to teach them how to write and why I make the changes I tell them to make.
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Where are lists of hyponyms and their superordinates?

I've been working on natural language processing/understanding for a great many years and sometimes get hung up on trying to figure what superordinate a word belongs to, such as a hammer being a type ...
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What is a good source on the use of the definite article for non-native speakers?

Here's my situation: I'm currently proof-reading something a colleague of mine has written. The content is all okay, but his use (or non-use) of "the" is all over the place, because I assume his ...
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Good resources for collocations [duplicate]

Can you please point me to a good online resource for verb collocations, for American English? Preferably, something with a lot of examples.
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Dictionary that provides all correct usages of words

I have been reading "Dictionary of American idioms" and I was impressed by the way phrasal verbs are explained. For example, the phrasal verbs associated with the word abide are defined in the ...
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Top 10,000 English Verbs (Open Source List)

Wondering if there is an open data "verb list" of all (or many) of the English verbs. A search reveals many "Top 100 English Verbs" or "List of Irregular English Verbs" and related content, but I'm ...
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"Lexico" will be gone in less than a month

Not sure what the implications for our site will be, but it seems relevant news that Lexico (formerly "Oxford Living Dictionaries", formerly "Oxford Dictionaries Online") is ...
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List of most useful NLP resources and tools

We already have lists of general-reference resources, one on meta and a larger one on main. For the most part, these are things like dictionaries and thesauri, not actual tools related to natural ...
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Is there a thesaurus which takes more than one word as an input? [closed]

When I write a text, I am sometimes looking for a very specific word, which might or might not be present in English (my brain knows that there is such a word, but sometimes it can't provide it ...
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Which is more trustworthy as a source for UK usages: Google Ngrams or the British National Corpus?

This question was inspired by the comment/chat discussion under this answer. This would be very helpful to know.
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Resources to determine pseudo-anglicisms

What resources can I use to determine if a given phrase is a pseudo-anglicism? For example, "top page" is not a common English expression, but a native speaker of Japanese who's learning English may ...
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List of nouns by category

I would like to find a dictionary book which classifies nouns by category: animals, food, part of body, location, etc. I found lists on Internet, but they are too small and the number of categories ...
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What resources do I need to consult before asking a question?

Many Stack Exchange sites require that users do some research before asking a question. Does English Language & Usage have such a policy? If yes, what resources should users consult before asking ...
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What are considered the valid sources of information to be used for question answers for EL&U? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Common accepted online resources Are there certain rescources that are discouraged from being used on this site? Is Wikipedia/-tionary not valid? Are there certain ...
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