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Should questions marked 'transatlantic-differences' include the AmE and BrE tags?

I was recently re-tagging a question clearly about transatlantic-differences which had previously been tagged american-english and british-english. I decided to remove the two English tags in ...
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Why doesn't the tag 'antonyms' have the synonym 'antonym'?

I was just looking through the tag synonyms of antonyms and discovered that it does not have the synonym antonym, in fact, antonym is a completely separate tag with just two questions. As I don't ...
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2 answers

Call to action: Let's tidy up the currency tag

As already previously discussed in this question, its answer and comments the currency tag is as ambiguous as they get. This is the tag description: usefulness of this tag is under debate If ...
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The Great ELU Tag Clean-up Proposal of 2014

EDIT: So, none of this got done in 2014. Does this mean that we should just give up on tags? Doing almost any of these by hand will annoy people since they would all bump those questions to the top ...
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Removal of "phrasing" and "there-is" tags

There are only a few dozen questions with these two tags. In the case of "phrasing", I believe it can be replaced with "phrases" in most cases. Should it be made a synonym? "There-is" can be replaced ...
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Reputation required to "create tags" vs. "retag questions"

On Stack Overflow , the reputation required to gain the "retag questions" privilege is less than the reputation required for the "create tags" privilege; on EL&U, it's the other way around. What'...
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13 votes
4 answers

The plan for [grammar]

The tag grammar is one of our most highly-used tags, though it is, unfortunately, so vague as to be nearly useless. I submit the following proposal as a way to break up this tag into something useful. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Editing of tags bumping old posts

Would it be technically feasible to not bump old posts onto the front page when the only edit to a question was to its tags? I ask because as of right now, only 3 posts on the entire front page are ...
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Add a Wiki page for the "compounds" tag, or replace it with another tag

compounds is without Wiki page. It should be good if the tag would have it, as the tag seems used for different purposes. Edit: I just noticed there is also the compound-sentences tag. Do the tags ...
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Find question for low-used tag and retag them.

Would it be correct to search after question which could be categorized under a not-so-much used tag, and then retagging them accordingly? Or should I discuss the scope of the tag before doing ...
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Is 200 reputation not too early for the right of retagging?

Is the privilege of having the right to re-tag other people's questions is being granted here a bit too early? it is currently granted once the user has reached 200 points of reputation, but look, ...
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